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Direct Bank Saver (DBS) – Steps on How To Register For DBS With Screenshot



I have criticized many MLM businesses in the past, till this showed up. Introducing you to DBS as a New source of Income is a huge development I would really be happy sharing. DirectBankSaver is an existing offline product of Direct Bank Associate, a product of a duly registered company in with physical address in Ogun State.

We are open to questions in area you seem vague. We will guide you through the registration process and we will guide you through your FIRST process of registering someone under you if it seems difficult for you.

You came here because we believe you either googled us or directed from this other post That Online Biz That Can Turn Your Account Into A Phone Number [JOIN NOW]

Follow the guide below to register and start earning too.

1.Head over to www.directbanksaver.comat the top of the page you will see this: “Enter DBS Marketing ID To Continue”. It requires a Subscriber ID to continue to the homepage, type in “OleeverKing” without the quotes, hit Enter. Then Contact us to guide you through the registration process, or go to step 2.

2.Scroll down to the end of the page and click on the ”CLICK HERE NOW TO START REGISTRATION PROCESS” to begin the process.Use the screenshot above as a guide.

3.Scroll down and click on the ”Click Here to Register” to Register with DBS. Use the screenshot above as a guide. or contact oleever [09035606016] to help you with the registration.

4. Fill the form carefully. While filling the form choose a unique Subscriber’s ID e.g bunmi007 to avoid the error of “The Username you chose already exist”. Make sure you remember your Subscriber’s ID, Password for access to the homepage. Use a valid email address because that is where you get a message from DBS stating whether you were registered or not. 

Use the screenshot above as a guide while filling the form.

5.Go to your email/mail box and check your inbox (i.e. the email address you used in the registration process above). You will see a mail From DBS stating your registration was confirmed. See the screenshot above for the sample email.

NOTE: Don’t pay the N5500 yet if you have not received the confirmation email oh!

After Online Registration, Pay into DBS Bank Account Nation Wide

DBS Bank Details:
Bank Name: Fidelity Bank (Current Account)
Account Name: Direct Business Associate
Account Number: 5600321949
After payment send a message to or telling them you paid N5,500 to their account for activation and your account will be activated immediately.
If you have followed me up to this point, Congrats!! I am happy to tell you that you can now make money with Direct bank saver

  1. Make money with direct bank saver:

 There are actually two ways to make money from direct bank saver:
* you Can earn N4,000 monthly for a year without doing anything
* you earn N4,000 when you refer someone and the person pays to activate the account. The system pays into your bank account instantly.
Let’s do a little calculation
Number of refered Calculation How much You Earn
Refer 5 people 5 X N4,000 N20,000
Refer 10 people 10 X N4,000 N40,000
Refer 15 people 15 X N4,000 N60,000
Refer 20 people 20 X N4,000 N80,000

You can actually earn a fortune from this, what are you waiting for?? Take advantage of this great opportunity now and Thank me later.

Note The Following: 
1.The Depositor’s name MUST be your Username (i.e your Subsciber’s ID e.g. bunmi007).

2. If you’ve registered with DBS and you are now trying to register someone through you, then the Depositor’s name on the bank teller will be the Subsciber’s ID of the person you about to register.

7.Once you did the deposit correctly you get an email from DBS stating that your account have been activated and added to the list of DBS Affiliates subscribers.See the screenshot above for the sample email.

8. Now you can now make money by registering people under you and you get N4,000 for every person you register. Its real and genuine, i can show you alerts from my bank. What other proof do you need? 

To make payment via online transfers – Please follow these steps:

Step 1: Use your own bank account to make payment for easy tracking
Step2: You must send email to as proof of payment
Step 3: You must send: The Payee full names as the (Subject) of the email to
Subject: Williams Adams (Subscribers ID: Willydbs)

Step 4: In the body of the email, include:
                     The Account Name of the Payer:
                     The Subscriber ID:
                     The Subscriber Full names
                     The Payment Screenshot
Step 3: (if no proof of payment sent via email, No activation will be done). ID will be activated within 24 hours

To fund your DBS Marketing ID for instant activation for ten or more marketing IDs and above send email to:

Again, note that all activation is within 24hours subject to confirmation of payment by DBS team.

IMPORTANT – As an existing subscriber, I can help you with activations if you dont want DBS admin to stress you much Ok!!

So what Next??
Head over to DBS website >>, at the top you will see this: “Enter DBS Marketing ID To Continue”. It requires a Subscriber ID to continue to the homepage, type in oleeverking and hit enter.

Then Contact us to guide you through the registration process. 

You can Reach me via the following numbers below when you make up your mind to register. 

!!!Please Do Not Call these Numbers if you did not follow the procedure clearly written in this article/post judiciously. Only those who registered via the above procedure [using dasusu] will be attended to. Thank you!!! 

Mr. oleever 09035606016
           SUBSCRIBER ID: Oleeverking

I Encourage You, Lets Take Advantage Of This Opportunity Today And Do This While It Lasts

Take advantage of this great and unique opportunity….Register with DBS Today!!! Continue to enjoy Bonuses from Family and friends….

Oliver King is the CEO of and also a social media influence, He is a graduate of Ecotes Benin University with a BSc in International Relations. And also have Dip in Law from Bayero University. Oliver King has passion for blogging and loves what he does.

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