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NYSC Call-Up Number – How and When to Get your Call-up Number



The Call up Number is an important unique code that you will get after the registration. The last part of the call-up number is very unique to you and it’s a serial number according to the time of your registration. A lot of people bear the exact name you are answering and your surname but you are the only one on earth that have your exact call-up number. It is your identity in .

Below are the frequently asked questions about the call-up number and the best answers to them.

What is the meaning of NYSC Call Up Number?

It is a code from NYSC that is unique to you alone. This is a way for NYSC to be able to differentiate you from thousands of others. So the meaning of the number is that you have been called upon to serve your fatherland and here is a unique number for you to identify yourself. See also: NYSC State Allowee Amount In All States In Nigeria

How To Check NYSC call-up number

Before, you will be sent a text message from the NYSC which will include your call up number But these days, it’s always on the green card on your NYSC dashboard. To check your NYSC call-up number, login to your NYSC dashboard and open your green card. You will find it there. See also: Sample Of NYSC Mandated Medical Certificate – See Pictures

NYSC Call Up Number Format
Let me use a friend of mine as an example. The NYSC call-up number will look like this: NYSC/IFE/2016/066627

This is not some mathematics magic, let me break it down

The Format is always in this arrangement:

NYSC: National Youth Service Corps
YOUR SCHOOL: This will be an acronym or an abbreviation of your institution. It’s always in 3 letters.
YEAR: This is the year the NYSC mobilize you for the Service
SERIAL NUMBER: This is your own unique number.
My friend is a graduate of OAU and his call-up number is NYSC/IFE/2016/066627

NYSC/ADO/2018/067542 If a person is a graduate of Ekiti State University
NYSC/UNN/2018/23462 is a graduate of theUniversity of Nigeria Nsukka.
Example On NYSC Call Up Number

The example above should be enough bit if you want more, I could generate enough for you. Just ask me in the comment box below. See also: Top 10 Chilling Facts About NYSC You Don’t Know

How long does it take to get NYSC call Up number?

You will get your call Up number after your NYSC registration. It doesn’t take a long time at all. You complete your registration today, expect your call up letter as soon as possible.

I hope you now know everything about the NYSC call up number. If you you have other questions apart from the ones above, just use the comment box below.


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