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Download mp3 lima x just 6 bag new song

Lima and Just6″ is no new name when it comes to Rap in the South Eastern part of Nigeria or Nigeria at large.

After the last time we heard from the rap duo in 2016 and they went ahead to release multiple solo projects
The heavyweights comes back again with this hip-hop tune titled BAG.
We’ve never been disappointed when Lima and Just6 teams up on a song so it’s sure that this song would be another record breaker.
“Bag” was mixed and mastered by Iykn N
Download and share because BaG bu jam



You can follow the Rap stars on twitter and instagram @Limaontoby & @Just6jneral


Just6: Hook:
We’ve been chasing dreams no be slow mo
If it ain’t the money you on low low
Up up that’s the way we go
When de hit me up all I say,all I say.

I want the bags too*2
I want the bag *2
I want the bags too
Working for pounds and dollars*2
You know the bag is important*2
I work the bags 2

Just6: Verse:(Just6)

Here for the bag and the dreams and I do this for the fam
And the way m ji ahu greens I ga eche MA m no na farm
Damn ,,I can never stop Mua anaghi afudi red sign
Anya Na acham Obara Obara
Ihe a bu my salah and beata dika ram

Verse 2 my verse : Braaaaaaaaaa ontobylele
“I rather die hustling than to live broke, once ego Di invlove you know I can’t joke. I want the bag too, j6 we the best 2, no collabo for a while they talk shit they say we ain’t cool, ain’t cool
I mean I no go Di in for the money, uzo obula aga si bute ya Biko tell me, choro ka my weather diri sunny, Maka every day nwoke choro e no Zi balling ,even mama needs to quit her job and work for 6 figures Nwa that’s the calling ,is all about the money that’s why we hustling,and a day men di busy topping
I mean am in for this, kpochie bu hit,esi na east, I kill the beat, my squad Di lit, bars Di sick, u can’t defeat, nwoke bu Zi kwa beast, choro Grammy money I choro m quick , a no repeat, peak, Abu the gist, top the list, can’t compete, Nwa gi nye kiss, Maka efu rapper GA eme like this, Abu m the beast
I get 2 phones ejim kwa m one atu Oru 2x, ebute bag Enwe onu I want the bag too, j6 Acho kwa acho kwa m bags too.


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