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Anto Is All About Body Positivity As She Responds To Pros



Big Brother 2018 housemate, Anto, has been each of our victim of cyber bullying prefer it of her body since affecting stardom.

For some of the times the the facts TV star has posted photos linked herself on social media, a trolls have attacked her over jane’s boobs and ass size.


In a post the shared on her Instagram article today, Anto stated that the public who judges a person found on their looks is an idiot. She wrote,

” I’ve received a lot of messages lately about in which way to boost one’s confidence and therefore composure. Just a few treadmill and elliptical trainer of advice…

Most people will provoke you and find out you, but as long available as you KNOW that you ‘re a QUEEN, nothing else things. And yes it’s easier cited than done because people may very well piss you off; you’ll run a lot of pep blabbing to yourself, but as way as you believe in customers, you’ll be fine. Some afternoons are better than others, rather it’s being able to at past the previous day it makes you stronger

I know ALOT associated with us have body image concerns. Just know that anyone who exactly judges you based on your current looks is an idiot (yes I said it). I could not even count how many people today I blocked the other day for commenting that I didn’t have boobs. Yeah I learn about and so?? ‍?? same men abusing me now will continually be the same ones to illuse me if I get cosmetic surgery

Although you accept that those “flaws” you have are what be you unique, you will down to love what you check out in the mirror. So, My family and i know I have a chief forehead, big pointy nose, slim frame, veins that are too visible, small breasts, invisible rubber band, no too much ass, waist dip, deep voice, dark skin treatment, walk like I’m pregnant, browse like a granny, but I just LOVE it. And if yet I decide to do restorative surgery, it will be in order to I WANT to and always because of someone else’s thoughts and opinions of me

What some people hate, others will love. So love such that love you and take lightly those that don’t? ”


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