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Blac Chyna Throws Her Drink At Alexis Skyy For No Reason At The Club



Love & Hip Hop star Alexis Skyy is adamant that Blac Chyna threw a drink at her last night, for no reason at all. Skyy took to social media to air her account of the messy affair.

TMZ has done a fairly good job of rounding the video content that emerged out of Skyy’s Instagram confessional. So far, the public is siding with Alexis Skyy, albeit with only one account of the incident readily available. Then again, Blac Chyna’s radio silence certainly won’t help in evening the odds.


According to Skyy, she and Blac Chyna were at the same party Saturday night. At some point, Blac Chyna invites Skyy over to her VIP reservation. Blac Chyna offered her a few drinks in exchange for her company; Skyy accepted without protest. Then out nowhere (still unclear) things take a turn for the worst, Blac Chyna becomes incensed with rage, demanding that Skyy leave the VIP without delay.

At this point, the nature of the conflict becomes a little hard to ascertain. It’s unclear whether Alexis is refusing to leave the club at Blac Chyna’s behest or simply remove herself from the VIP section. Of course, Skyy stands her ground in response to her alleged mistreatment and receives a drink to the face as a consequence, at which point she has to be restrained from beating Chyna to a pulp.

Moments later, Skyy takes up office just outside the club’s main entrance in preparation for hand-to-hand combat. Unfortunately, that’s where Alexis cuts the story short. We haven’t received any word from Blac Chyna in regards to her side of the skirmish.

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