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Cardi B On Marriage With Offset: Plans For “More Kids,” DM Slides & Fame



It seemed like was dismissing rumors of her reunion with only days ago. Ever since the rapper announced the couple’s split, their already high-profile enamored fans. Even fellow rapper weighed in on their situation.

Cardi B On Marriage With Offset: Plans For "More Kids," DM Slides & Fame

Now that the dust has settled, officially addressed the status of her during an interview with Good Morning America.

The rapper says having a two-parent is really important for her, especially considering the how her own parent’s separation affected the family unit. She plans to offer the same to Kulture. “I think we’re gonna be alright,” she said about her . “You know, you got to take it slow.” Her busy schedule can get in the way of her family obligations, but she’s grinding hard for the financial wellbeing of her offspring. “I want to have more kids,” she admitted.

When their breakup was made public, many people told Cardi she “could find another man.” She claims that many male celebrities hit her up for dates as well. The situation was not “as easy as people think” considering how fame changes the way people interact. “I can find anybody I want,” she explained. “You don’t know if people want you for you.”


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