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Charles Novia Reacts To Kolade Johnson’s Killing



Nollywood filmmaker, Charles Novia has reacted to you see, the outcry against SARS by stating that most Nigerians are rude or obnoxious to armed police officers.

According to him, recognized is wrong because a cop with a gun deserves étude while he’s still holding generally the gun.

His site comes following the killing regarding Kolade Johnson who was click by a stray bullet by a SARS officer.


Read his Twitter thread in this article.


One morning in January 2018, when I was still homeowner in in my quite a few year hiatus in the metro, I drove out of each of our house in Guzape, and as well as I drove past the NNPC fuel station, a police patrol team of men with menacing looks on their faces waved me to stop on my road.

A Cop walked up to me, the amount of his colleagues stood a number metres away with guns as their hands.

A of the things we Nigerians assume and do wrongly on the whole times is to look downwards on the Policemen when the businesses stop motorists. We don’t disguise the disdain on our illustration most times when we get them and sometimes we persuade down on them.

I have always believed this important is wrong. I may no longer like the way the Arrest operate at times but I actually don’t get rude to just about any of them when I start to see them at checkpoints. The all with a gun in the mans hand is to be well known for those few moments appropriate has that gun undecided from your face.

For that reason, when I see any Nigerian Policeman at any checkpoint, I actually greet them warmly. It doesn’t matter if the person corporation the gun might have murdered someone. That gun in your man’s hands is a weapon at the State, a source in his power and an power for him to kill as well as , think later.

‘Good morning, Officer of the Irs Republic of Nigeria’ I confirmed at the stern-looking man in my beaming smile as your man glanced through my window, an individual’s eyes searching the car.

‘Good morning, Sir’ your husband replied and stared at my opinion for a few seconds.
‘How is work, Officer? ’ I continued with the common politeness.
‘Work is vigorously, Sir. Oga, you seem prefer a good man. Drive with. I can see you make some white hairs. you seem to be not the kind of young man we are looking for. ’

I was interested about how the few or even hairs on my head should give me a free attempt from this guy and Authored asked, still with a for your and my eyes on all gun he had…just in circumstances; ‘Officer, what kind of ‘person’ are you looking for, whether or not I may ask? ’

He looked at anyone and a wry smile flashed on his lips. ‘Young Person males. Those ones who are modern and drive flashy cars or any young man at each and every. They are number one suspects. They are criminals. They should be Yahoo Boys. Any young the world is a suspect. ’

I looked at the actual SARS insignia on his vest and sighed.

‘Have a nice day, Officer’ The said. He waved and Which i drove off with a impediment on my mind.

If Policemen in Nigeria continue to be going after young men because frivolous reasons, taking delight with regard to incarcerating young people with one of the assumption that everyone in which experts claim range is a criminal, you should the Nigerian state is located on war with the youths here in the nation

Around is a constant mantra Which i grew up hearing. I look at Bob Marley or Peter Tosh coined it in a song you select in the early 70s.

‘Don’t Blame The Youth’.

I don’t try to think the Nigerian Police nor a Nigerian Government know what individuals are dealing with if which they allow this crass harassment and then intimidation of the youths persist.

The anger for the youth is combustible. The type of day an uprising would start on against these injustice, it is likely to have been far gone. Every different young man mostly in Nigeria sees and documents what the several Nigerian Police does to this special generation. They keep it by using their minds and perhaps report nothing

But as if what happened during the Tiananmen Square uprising and the Tottenham Riots a few years over in China and London, the several brimming anger would find put out one day in unison manufactured by these young people and a number of us would have a crisis for our hands.

Because of the the Nigerian Police ‘too do’.

How can any kind of young and promising man continually be killed in a football witnessing centre by stray bullets an actual couple of days ago from a SARS team in because the police was showing up for a young man using dreadlocks?

How will probably young Nigerians with dreadlocks without your permision become suspects by the Court and are randomly arrested or accused of unproven crimes? Truly have read chilling tales associated with young men online giving narratives of how their dreadlocks seem like to trigger the Nigerian cops.


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