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Facebook user says RCCG pastor committed suicide because his wedding was called off and his nude was in circulation



A Facebook user who knew the Music minister, Michael Arowosaiye, who committed suicide in on Tuesday, May 14th, has given another reason why he took his life.

It was widely reported yesterday that Michael took his own life because he couldn’t pay his rent.


Christabel Adaure who knew a certain Nene who reportedly knew the deceased, said he committed suicide because his wedding which slated for April 27th, was called off due to sexual immorality. Read the post as shared by Christabel below

Sis Bennie Wrote


Mike didn’t leave suicide note and he didn’t die because of financial or rent issue. No church abandoned him because of rent. If you know pastor Telena of Shepherd House, you will know he takes very good care of his members and the way he takes care of himself.

Mike left 2years ago to Shepherd house church Apo, where he was a worship leader but was suspended 2months ago, his wedding cancelled because of sexual with another girl who leaked his nudes hence he got frustrated because of the embarrassment. His house was given to him by the church for free.

This narrative that redeem abandoned him is a lie. No body is defending church but you people should stop looking for any opportunity to attack men of God. There are not the reason Nigeria is hard. You didn’t elect them, channel all your frustrations to Buhari and Fasola that’s not giving us light for days and won’t even give anytime soon.

In another news, #NextLevel is not here yet, it’s coming in 2weeks…..prepare for it. Cheers

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