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‘Lost My Mum At The Age Of 11’ – Nasty C Speaks On The Cover Of Tush Magazine 20th Issue



Nasty C Speaks On The Cover Of Tush Magazine 20th Issue

Nasty C Speaks Rap, Confidence & More On The Cover Of Tush Magazine 20th Issue

In the exciting interview that follows, the 21-year-old star opens up on his struggles, work ethics, as well as an insight into his journey to stardom.

Dubbed Africa’s Prince of Hip-Hop, Nasty C shared the story of his musical journey. He reveals how his father wanted a regular life for him which involved getting an education, but all the young rapper needed was “a mic, a producer and some beats”.

The “King” rapper also revealed that during his final year in high school, he made the decision to quit school in pursuit of music. “I always kinda loved music more than anything else, and it was the one thing I was really good at, he says.”

Almost giving up on music after all the struggles, he admits it was the music passion that kept him going. “I had so much passion for music, just because of what music does to me personally. It wasn’t just about me having this lavish style or anything else. I stayed for the main reason why I started this music. For what it does to me, and what it does for everyone who listens to it.”

Nasty C went on to release his first mix-tape One Kid A thousand Coffins in May 2013 to great reviews and in 2018, he released his highly anticipated sophomore album Strings and Bling

On what rap has done to him he says “Rap gave me the confidence I needed when I was younger.” “Most importantly, it made me happy, he concluded the story.”

This issue of Tush Magazine themed “The Success Story,” also features successful talent managers Osagie Okunkpolor and Obasihuade Adedokun, HipTV Awards Rookie of the Year, Teni, King Perry among others.

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