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Meet The Richest YAHOO BOY Richer Than Hushpuppi and Davido



Meet Deskid Wayne popularly known as money beast. Despite the fact that he is very young, his daily and weekly spendings cause the highest degree of envy. He his regarded as one of the richest online scammer also known as yahoo boys.

He attracted a lot of attention when he burnt a large amount of dollars and he went to a village and started spraying thousand of dollars not even naira.

I'm a person who is positive about every aspect of life. There are many things I like to do, to see, and to experience. I like to read, I like to Gossip, I like to write; I like to dream; I like to talk, I like to listen. and blogging Makes it easy for me to Express Myself

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Why I Posed Half-N*ked For My 40th Birthday Photo-shoot – Actress, Wuragold Opens Up



Dark, bold and beautiful actress, Adediwura Adelugba aka Wuragold has starred in movies like Closet, Lizard, Deep Heart and Bile among others. In this chat with Entertainer, the single mum of one opens up on how she got into the motion picture industry, the birth of her foundation and why she held a semi-n*de photo shoot to commemorate her 40th birthday recently.
How did you come into acting?
I got introduced to the industry through a marketer I met through a sister of mine a couple of years back and then I was invited for an audition. Luckily I was offered the lead role and ever since I’ve never looked back.
What inspired your foundation Giving is Fun?
I’d say I got the inspiration from my mum. Being a widow she went through hell training her kids. And besides, naturally, I love to give; I enjoy it because it gives me inexplicable joy! So in all I would say I feel fulfilled whenever I give because I feel God’s using me to touch lives.
What’s happening between you and your friends, Liz Da-Silva and Regina Chukwu? We have noticed that there’s a change in your friendship with them?
All I can say is that we’re still very cool as friends.
If not acting, what would you have been?
Maybe a musician (laughter). You see, I love to sing as much as I love acting. However, I’m very busy working on my NGO and asides that, I also market designer clothes, perfumes and accessories.
How do you handle your male admirers?
Very simple! I appreciate them with a big thank you whenever they pay me a compliment.
You’re gorgeous! How would you describe your style?
Style is being simple but classy. I hate it when there’s a lot on my body. Sometimes, I could decide to be dramatic and that’s when you see me in bum shorts or micro skirts and I also like revealing my cleavage.
How do you cope with acting and motherhood?
It used to be very challenging but I’ve grown up. I can assure you that I’m coping very well.
Your 40th birthday shoot sent tongues wagging, what inspired the semi-n*de pictures?
Wow! Are you serious! Well, I just wanted to be extremely dramatic so I decided to drop the banger of a photo shoot! I wanted my 40th birthday to be unforgettable.
Can you act semi-nude or nude for a million dollars?
A million dollars is not a lot of money. Hopefully, I should be able to go semi-nude after all, I did it for my birthday shoot and I wasn’t paid a dime!
Are you living the life of your dreams?
Not really but I’m still grateful and contented.
What project are you working on at the moment?
I’m working on a documentary entitled Widow’s Story.
What should your fans watch out for coming from you?
They should watch out for my signature all over the world by God’s grace.
Could you appreciate your fans in a sentence?
I love you all and God bless you.
Source: Sunday Sun
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Nicki Minaj finally shows off her alleged boyfriend who is a convicted rapist



American female rapper, Nicki Minaj has appeared to confirm that she is in a new relationship with a convicted rapist.

According to several reports, the mystery man is a 40-year-old father of five and convicted rapist identified as Kenneth ‘Zoo’ Petty. Series of his mugshots were also posted online last week. Read previous report here.

Taking to her Instagram page this morning, the 36-year-old rapper shared a sweet photo of them posing together and another image of her new man and wrote: ‘Did you ever make it out of that town where nothing ever happens?’s no secret…that the both is us are running out of time.’

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I Must Test My Man Sexually Before Marriage – Nollywood Actress, Queeneth Agbor



Nigerian actress Queeneth Agbor, has said she will test her man sexually to know if he can perform in bed before settling down with the lucky man.
She made this known in an interview with Punch.
The actress narrated her fondest experience in love. She said, “My boyfriend is the sweetest ever. He is all about giving and my 100 per cent happiness is his goal without him asking for nothing in return. Each time I look at him, I’m always in awe. There is no phone or anything else I want that he cannot give me. Recently, he actually needed to change his phone but with his busy schedule, he kept forgetting. I saw it as an opportunity to do something very special for him for once. I already knew the phone he wanted; so, I got it and surprised him. He almost returned it but I sweet-talked him and explained that if he rejected it, I would be heartbroken. That’s how I won.”
On the importance of s-x in a relationship, Agbor said, “To some people, s-x is associated with stability because it increases the bond and maintains a level of stability. As for me, I believe that s-x is overrated in a relationship though I stand for s-x before marriage with a good reason. I need to test my ‘goods’ so I don’t end up with something inadequate. Cheating is a no-no for me. However, in a relationship, getting to know your partner doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with s-x. I prefer to bond mentally and intellectually. I know my lover for who he truly is. S-x gone bad can actually end a relationship before you even get to know the real person.”
Speaking on the biggest gift she has ever received from a lover, Queeneth said, “My boyfriend asked me to come outside my house to carry some things he bought for me, only for me to see a car.”
Agbor also said contrary to what some people might think about her, she is actually very spiritual. “One with God is in the majority; for without Him, I am nothing. As long as I breathe, I will continue to serve God. I am an ambassador of Christ with dignity, mentality that differentiates me from others,” the actress added.
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Name – Tolu Lamas

Occupation – Fashion Designer

Instagram – @ Tolulamas

Hobbies – Listening To Music, Dancing

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