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Details On The Ceo of Amazon ‘Jeff Bezos’ Romantic date with Lauren Sanchez



Amazon boss Jeff Bezos and his paramour Lauren Sanchez were seen “making out like teenagers” at a Hollywood power spot and just days after their spouses learned of their , sources told Olivergist

Sources told us that Bezos’ and Sanchez’s respective spouses — author MacKenzie Bezos and power agent Patrick Whitesell — “first found out about their just before Thanksgiving.”

But on Nov. 30, we hear, Bezos and Sanchez were seen at hot Italian restaurant Felix in Venice, Calif.


A source said, “They were in the middle of the restaurant, making out like teenagers,” and sitting at a table next to Michael Strahan.

The source added, “It was weird, because it would have been odd for any adults to be doing that at this restaurant . . . It’s one of the hardest restaurants [in LA] to get into.”

Felix was last month named to the Hollywood Reporter’s “Where Hollywood Eats” list, composed of LA’s hottest restaurants.

The Bezoses announced in a tweet Wednesday that they are divorcing — hours before we revealed that he’s now in a relationship with former “Good Day LA” host Sanchez, and the National Enquirer published the gory details of their four-month-long fling.

Olivergist reported that in September, Jeff and MacKenzie were seen celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in Miami. But in October, he was seen in Miami again, at Casa Tua, with a different woman who looked a lot like Sanchez, a source said.

Sources close to Bezos and Sanchez have said that they began their relationship after they split from their spouses.

Jeff and MacKenzie tweeted Wednesday: “After a long period of loving exploration and trial separation, we have decided to divorce and continue our shared lives as friends.”

Reps did not get back to us.


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