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Here’s why you have pimples on your balls and how to get rid of them



Here's why you have pimples on your balls and how to get rid of them

You’ve probably had to deal with breakouts on your face, but did you know those very same pimples can sometimes appear on your balls?
If you’ve ever found a little red bump on the skin of your scrotum, you might have found yourself wondering if it was harmful or not, given the location.

So is a pimple on your balls something to worry about? To learn more about why they appear-and what you should do about them-we checked in with Dr. Jamin V Brahmbhatt, MD.

First things first: Pimples on your balls are totally normal.
They show up on your scrotum for the same reasons they show up anywhere else, such as diet, hormones or stress. A little red bump on the skin of your balls is probably nothing to worry about-as long as you’re certain it is, in fact, on the skin.

“The guy needs to make 100% sure the spot is on the scrotum itself, and not in the testicle,” says Dr. Jamin V Brahmbhatt, MD. “If it truly is in the skin, most pimples [or] bumps on the scrotal skin are benign.” (If you realize the lump is actually in your testicle, you should make an appointment with your doctor.)

If you’re sure the pimple is on your scrotum, what should you do about it?
It can be hard to resist the urge to pop a pimple, but Brahmbhatt says you should take it easy when it comes to getting rid of them.

Don’t poke or stab at them-that could make them “a bigger problem later,” he says. If it’s a regular pimple on your balls, it should disappear on its own in about a week.

Is there a point where you should go see a doctor about a pimple on your balls?
You should pay a visit to your physician anytime you start to get worried, if the pimples keep coming back, or if you have pimples or spots that are in clusters, Brahmbhatt says. This could be a sign of a virus or a sexually transmitted infection. (If it turns out you have an STI, you and your partner should start treatment for it immediately.) You should be extra vigilant if you are diabetic: “Your immune system is not as strong as non-diabetics, and therefore infections can progress rapidly,” he says.

He also says that you should take extra precaution if you notice that the pimples down there are getting bigger and redder, as this could be associated with fevers and pain.

What’s the best way to prevent pimples on your balls?
“Keep your balls as clean as your face,” Brahmbhatt says. “Wear clean underwear, shower regularly, and keep the area dry.”

In other words, treat your sack just like you would any other part of your skin, and you won’t have to worry.


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