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Cloak & Dagger Season 2 Episode 4 Recap



Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

Cloak & Dagger Season 2 Episode 4

Cloak & Dagger Season 2 Episode 4 returns Ty and Tandy to the church, where Tandy asks what happened to Mayhem. Ty says that he was defending himself when something sucked her through him to someplace in the darkness.Ty says it’s happened before, but only when he’s scared for his life. He comes clean about Connors. Tandy uses Ty’s fear of not being able to protect his family should Connors return to open the doorway and step inside in order to find Mayhem, Connors, or both

Tandy finds herself at the Roxxon gas station, where she is greeted by someone who appears to her in the form of a younger version of Ty. He is the guardian of the crossroads. Tandy tells him that she is here for Mayhem. He tells Tandy that Mayhem is only half a person and can’t get out unless Tandy takes her out of here. To get out, Tandy has to go in deeper, all the way through the darkness and out the other side. The price she has to pay in order to move forward is to give up her light dagger. In doing so, Tandy forces Ty’s abilities to go dormant as well.

Tandy moves forward into what appears to be a shopping mall, where Mayhem finds her. Mayhem has been through the mall six times already. There is no way out. Mayhem takes Tandy to a wall of mirrors. When Mayhem looks into them, there is no reflection. Tandy steps in front of the mirrors and they reflect different versions of herself back to her. The only way through is to choose one. Tandy walks toward the version of herself holding the dagger and the rest collapse into that one version, which allows the ladies to move forward.

The two come upon a sporting goods store. Someone has been camping here for a while. Whoever it was has hung dark rain ponchos all around the store, mimicking Ty. Both realize it is Connors, but he’s nowhere to be found. Moving on, they come across a record store. The album covers are images of the missing women, the dividers their names. Tnady finds her own name as well in the bins. The album covers depict the darkest moments in Tandy’s life, including overhearing her parents arguing and her dad abusing her mother. Tandy smashes the records and tells Mayhem that she’s ready to leave, but Mayhem is already gone.

Mayhem returned to the sporting goods store where she finds Connors. Mayhem strings him up by his neck and hangs Connors. Tandy arrives, knocking Mayhem to the floor and summoning a dagger to cut the rope holding Connors. She knows that they need Connors alive in order to clear Ty’s name. Since Tandy broke the rules, the darkness kicks her and Connors back into the real world.


Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

While the gang members are being booked at the police station, the one who Ty saved from Mayhem’s barrage of bullets recognizes Ty from a wanted poster. He calls it in to others in the gang. Brigid overhears and gives Ty the warning. They don’t know about the church, but they can easily look up Ty’s home address.

Ty teleports home and grabs his mother as the gang members arrive. He tries to teleport them away, but Tandy’s decision in the darkness has left him without his powers. Ty and his mother run throughout the city, from hot-wiring cars to slipping onto a city bus to running down alleys, ducking both the gang members and the police. Eventually, the young thug catches up to them. Gun drawn, he calls in their location to the others. Ty and his mother talk to the kid, distracting him so that Ty can swipe his gun. As the gang members arrive, Ty has the kid call and tell them that the cops are on their way. Ty calls Brigid and has her get Mrs. Johnson away before the police arrive. Alone, Ty tries again to teleport, but is still unable to do so.

As Tandy and Connors are sucked back into this world, Ty teleports them all to the church, where Connors slips away.

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