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The OA Season 2 Recap



The OA Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

The OA Season 2

After over two years since the first season of ’s The OA, we wondered where Hap took the rest of his test subjects and what was next for Prairie, BBA, and the boys after the shooting. To close out The OA Season 2, we are recapping the major storylines from the season.

Prairie Lives

Prairie escaped when BBA and the boys performed the movements to stop a school shooting. Just as her body died in the back of the ambulance, she jumped to an alternate universe where she was never in the bus crash that took her sight. Prairie was Nina in this universe, and once she finally let Nina and her memories in, she was able to fully realize her potential.

The Protector

The OA Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

A new character to the show, Karim proved to be undeniably linked to the bigger picture. Michelle’s (Buck in the prime universe) grandmother tasked Karim with finding her granddaughter, who had gotten swept up in an app game to make money. The app’s true purpose was to crowdsource the solution to a puzzle house protecting a portal to other dimensions. Through the portal, Karim brought back Buck, lost in another dimension, to awaken as Michelle.

Not a Cult

The OA Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

In the prime universe, BBA and the boys were left behind to pick up the pieces. After Prairie’s funeral, Buck would be moving away. After seeing Rachel in his mirror, they went on a quest to communicate with her and help Prairie. But with Buck’s mother believing they were in a cult, BBA and the boys (plus Steve’s Angie) went on the run. Unfortunately, the school shooting proved to be too traumatic for Jesse, who died of an overdose. The crew made it to San Francisco and a run-down version of the hospital that Dr. Percy ran in the alternate universe.

The Cartographer

The OA Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

Hap, Scott, Rachel, Renata, and Homer had jumped to a universe where Hap was a psychologist, Dr. Percy, and Homer was his resident. Homer didn’t remember the prime universe and helped Dr. Percy run the psychiatric hospital on Treasure Island. But Prairie’s Homer eventually broke through, just as Hap revealed his research: a map of the multiverse. Hap shot Homer in the back just as Prairie jumped to a new dimension. Hap had sent them to a universe where he was Jason Isaacs, and Prairie was Brit Marling.


The OA

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