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Certificate Forgery, Perjury: Kaduna Forum Wants Shehu Sani Suspended



All Progressives Congress chieftain, Shehu Sani has been accused of
forging certificates and a public appeal has been made for his

Senator Shehu Sani
A group, Kaduna Central Peoples Forum, has called on the Senate to
suspend the Senator representing Kaduna Central, Comrade Shehu Sani over
an alleged certificate forgery and perjury.
The call was made at a press briefing in Kaduna on Wednesday, where
they also charged the Inspector General of Police, Idris Ibrahim to
order for the immediate prosecution of the Senator.
“We are deeply embarrassed that an imposter currently represents us in the Senate.

“Shehu Sani’s continued stay in the Senate is not just an
insult to the very sophisticated people of our Senatorial zone in Kaduna
State but an injustice to the constituents who voted him based on false
and fabricated credentials he tendered to our leaders, party leaders
and INEC.

“We are committed to redressing this injustice that has been
done to our people by doing all that is within our powers, that is
proper and legal to ensure that Mr. Sani leaves the Senate to pave way
for a fit, proper and qualified person from Kaduna Central to go to
Senate to give us quality and efficient representation,”
the group said, in a statement read by its secretary, Alhaji Aminu Sha’aibu.
The group explained that they were determined to follow the rule of
law in their bid to oust Sani, using certificates he submitted to INEC,
the CPC and the APC in the nomination and affidavit forms for Kaduna
Central Senatorial election in the 2010/2011 and 2015 general elections.
“Our petition centres on the fact that as at the time the 2015
Senatorial election was conducted by INEC, Mr. Shehu Sani was not
qualified to vie for the position given that he lied on oath to the
commission about his academic qualification and falsified documents in
bid to sustain the lies and false claims in the nomination form and
affidavit he submitted to INEC,”
the group noted.
The group faulted his time of stay in Kaduna Polytechnic, which
they said according to records available to them showed that he was
admitted with registration number CST/84/1791 in 1984 for a diploma, but
wondered why he graduated from what was expected to be a two-year
programme after five years.
However, reacting through his Special Adviser (Political Affairs),
Suleiman Ahmed, he said the alleged certificate forgery was the
handiwork of group loyal to Nasir El’Rufai.
He maintained that the allegation was as spurious as it was in the
imagination of those who concocted it. Suleiman explained that the same
group had addressed the press for the fifth time, the last being where
Senator Shehu Sani was accused of anti-party
“This is the fifth time a press conference was organized from
Kaduna government house against Sani. The last time, they accused him of
anti-party activities”
, Ahmed explained.
He was emphatic that Kaduna governor’s Senior Special Adviser on
political affairs, Mr. Uba Sani had attempted to incriminate Sani
without success, noting that efforts to bring him against President
Muhammadu Buhari in the past did not yielded results.
He urged the group to cross check their facts from the institution
before addressing the press, stressing that governor El’Rufai was
lacking focused in the affairs of the state.

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The Incredible Story Of Teenage Girl Who Fell From The Sky After Getting Sucked Out Of A Plane (Photos)



Juliane Koepcke pictured after returning to her native Germany
This is the incredible story of a teenager who walked away from the wreckage of a plane after falling nearly two miles to Earth.
Juliane Koepcke was travelling with her mother Mariato to be reunited with her father and was the only survivor of the crash.
The pair were flying from Peru’s capital Lima to the city of Pucallpa in the Amazonian rainforest when their plane hit a storm.
The German family lived in Peru, where Hans-Wilhelm and Maria, both zoologists, worked at a research outpost in the rainforest.

She later returned to the scene of the crash as an adult
Hours before the flight, 17-year-old Juliane had been at her high school graduation on Christmas Eve 1971.
As LANSA flight 508 flew through the thunderstorm, the plane with 91 people on board was battered by severe turbulence.

“I don’t like this,” her mum said as they were rocked around in bad turbulence. Luggage, including Christmas presents, bounced around the cabin.

Juliane Koepcke, right, pictured in 1972, about four months after the crash that killed everyone else on board
Within moments, lightning struck the Lockheed L-188A Electra and caused a fire.

“My mother and I held hands but we were unable to speak. Other passengers began to cry and weep and scream,” Juliane told the BBC in 2012.
“After about 10 minutes, I saw a very bright light on the outer engine on the left.

“My mother said very calmly: ‘That is the end, it’s all over’. Those were the last words I ever heard from her.”
Later, Juliane would learn the American-built turboprop plane, with its small, rigid wings, wasn’t designed to withstand extreme turbulence.
As the fire took hold, a wing broke off and the plane began to disintegrate, plunging into a nose-first free fall towards the jungle below.

All 86 passengers and six crew were likely doomed. Some people got sucked out of the plane as it broke apart mid-air.
“I heard the incredibly loud motor and people screaming and then the plane fell extremely steeply,” Juliane told VICE in 2010.

“And then it was calm – incredibly calm compared with the noise before that. I could only hear the wind in my ears. I was still attached to my seat.
“My mother and the man sitting by the aisle had both been propelled out of their seats. I was freefalling, that’s what I registered for sure. I was in a tailspin.”

Juliane was living in Peru, where her parents both worked
After a terrifying free fall of about 9700 feet the teenager landed on the floor of the Amazon jungle.
It has been suggested the row of seats Juliane was strapped to, which were empty on either side of her, slowed her fall enough for her to survive it.

It also likely broke her fall when she hit the ground. When she landed she blacked out and woke up the next morning.

“I had a serious concussion, so I couldn’t sit up. My eye was swollen,” Juliane told VICE of the moment she woke up.

“I was lying underneath my seat and I wasn’t strapped in anymore.
“I could see a bit of the forest but also a bit of the sky. I knew that I had survived a plane crash. The concussion and the shock only let me realise basic facts.

“I didn’t really think about myself. I was more concerned about where my mother was.”

Juliane and her mother were flying in a Lockheed Electra similar to the one picture
It took Juliane half a day to find the strength to get up and walk around.
She had a broken collarbone, a strained vertebrae, a partially fractured shin, a cut on her arm and a torn anterior cruciate ligament.
Because of the sudden change in pressure when she was ripped out of the plane, the capillaries in her eyes popped, making her look like “a zombie from a movie”, she said.
But she was able to walk around in search of help, surviving off a bag of lollies she found among the wreckage.
She was familiar with the Amazonian jungle, thanks to the work of her parents followed the survival instruction advice given by her father to follow the river.

On the fourth day, she came across crash victims but was unable to find her mother’s body.

Juliane continued looking for help, staying close to the riverbank, battling against the harsh heat and rain.
At one point, she realised flies had laid eggs in the wound in her arm, causing dozens of maggots to hatch underneath her skin and eat a hole through it.

Dr Juliane Koepcke pictured in 2013
After 10 days, she came across a motor boat on the river and a barrel of diesel fuel.

She used the fuel to disinfect the wound and kill off most of the maggots.

She also found a small shack, where she took shelter where some local workers found her, 11 days after the crash.

They gave her food, helped treat her wounds, and took her to a hospital where she was finally reunited with her father.

“He could barely talk and in the first moment we just held each other,” Juliane told the BBC.

“For the next few days, he frantically searched for news of my mother. On 12 January they found her body.
“Later I found out that she also survived the crash but was badly injured and she couldn’t move. She died several days later. I dread to think what her last days were like.”
Peruvian investigators found the crash to be caused by “intentional flight into hazardous weather conditions”, perhaps due to the pressure to keep up with busy schedules during the Christmas holidays despite the dangerous weather conditions.

“Of course I had nightmares for a long time, for years, and of course the grief about my mother’s death and that of the other people came back again and again,” Juliane told VICE.

“The thought – why was I the only survivor? It haunts me. It always will.”
Source: The Sun UK

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