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Check Out The 11 Most Used Car Brands In Africa (Photos)



To Nigerians, cars are both a luxury and necessity. From the high class areas of Lekki in Lagos, Wuse 2 in Abuja and the various select estate areas around the country to the suburbs where the majority of the middle to lower class reside, cars are a major feature.
Car types are a functionality of the buyer’s taste and financial bracket; as evident in the high class kids driving Lambroghini reventons and Chevrolet Camaros along the well-tarred roads of Lekki and Abuja. recently released an article enumerating the top 11 brands in Africa. These car brands are often the most patronized for car sales and hence have the largest population use in the country and continent as a whole.
Below is a list of the top eleven (11) most used Car brands in Africa
1. Toyota

2. Volkswagen

3. KIA

4. Hyundai

5. Renault

6. Nissan

7. Land Rover

8. Mercedes Benz

9. BMW

10. Honda

11. Peugeot


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