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Checkout What a Woman Did After Her Husband Asked Her to Chose Between Her Marriage and Her Job in Abuja



A woman has shocked her husband after he asked her to choose between her and the job she has.
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A school teacher identified as Joy Udo, on Wednesday told a Jikwoyi
Customary Court, , that she left her matrimonial home because her
husband asked her to choose between the and her job.
Joy, who filed a petition seeking dissolution of the marriage, said her husband Sammul Udo, asked her to resign from her job.
“The major disagreement we had before I left his house was that
he asked me to quit my job because his mother never worked, so his wife
must not work.
“I refused. I told him that I won’t quit my job because if I do, I will be in a tight corner.
“He does not have enough money to cater for the family, even
the capital that he used in starting his business, I gave it to him,”
she said.
Joy also told the court that her husband does not bear the entire
responsibility of catering for the family, adding that her husband faked
his identity to lure her to marry him.
“Before our marriage, my husband claimed to be a pastor, but
after the marriage, he stopped going to church and never wanted to pray
with the family,”
she said.
She alleged that her husband was promiscuous.
“I always see lots of love text messages on my husband’s phone.
When I called his , the lady will say my husband never told her
that he was married.
“When the lady told my husband that I called her, he made trouble with me and said that the marriage between us has ended,” she said.
Joy urged the court to dissolve the marriage and grant her the
custody of the children. The respondent, Udo, a businessman, was not in
The judge, Everyman Eleanya, adjourned the case until May 27 for defence. 


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