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Griezmann Set for Barca Move After Announcing His Departure from Atletico



Only one year after stating his decision to stay with , Antoine Griezmann had a change of heart. The French international could finally be heading to next summer after announcing his exit from Atletico.

Just like last season, Griezmann also posted his statement via social media, only this time it was about his departure. Speaking to Atleti fans, the striker said that his decision didn’t happened over night.


The 28-year-old revealed that he already had discussion with his coach, Diego Simeone along with Angel Gil Marin. It’s only after talking with them that Griezmann made his decision of leaving.

“After speaking with (coach Diego Simeone), ( Miguel) Angel Gil Marin and with people in the club’s hierarchy, I wanted to speak with you, the fans,” the striker explained. “You have always shown me a lot of love and I wanted to be the first to tell you that I’ve taken the decision to leave to see other things and take on other challenges.”

That statement might not go well with Atleti fans, but could the opposite for supporters. Reports are strongly linking Griezmann to finally make that move to Camp Nou next summer.

Although the Frenchman rejected the chance to join Barca last season, but this time it looks like things will finally happens. The Catalan side reportedly will be paying 120 million Euro for the striker’s clause.

However, that clause can only be activated starting on July 1, since as of now, Griezmann’s clause is still at 200 million Euro. Barca themselves won’t make a rush move and set to wait until the lower clause starts.


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