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Outrage as Nurses Chases Away 180 Patients in Just One Week…You Won't Believe Why (Photo)



A clinic has sparked quite an outrage after turning as many as 180 sick patients away from its gate in just one week. 
Outrage as Nurses Chases Away 180 Patients in Just One Week...You Won't Believe Why (Photo)
Many patients were turned away from the hospital
No less that 180 patients were sent home by striking nurses this week in a South African clinic. The nures are reportedly protesting the absence of security at the clinic.
According to Daily Sun SA, the nurses at Soweto-On-Sea Clinic in Nelson Mandela Bay stopped working after the windscreen of a Mercedes-Benz belonging to a senior nurse was smashed on Thursday while she was working.
Disappointed patients told Daily Sun the nurses said they would not work until there were more security guards at the clinic.
Anna Njaduma (28) said: “I have a lump on my breast but I can’t see doctors at Dora Nginza Hospital until I’ve been given a letter from the clinic.
“On Monday I waited at the clinic the whole day. The nurses told us their lives were at risk and they were demanding more guards.
“When I went back to the clinic, I was told to voetsek and I didn’t get the letter I needed.”
Anna said she was scared for her life as the lump had turned black and was getting bigger.
Ndumiso Mavuso (40) said he didn’t know what to do because he needed to collect his TB medication from the clinic and couldn’t afford to buy it himself.
A senior nurse yesterday told patients: “We don’t know when we will start working. We have written a letter to our regional office demanding another guard. I have nearly been attacked in my office twice.
“I told our guard to stay inside after 3pm and the car was smashed while he was in the clinic. We need better security.”
Provincial health spokesman Sizwe Kupelo said he was not aware of the strike.

“Our clinics in Port Elizabeth are under siege and we appeal to the community to work with us to fight crime.”


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