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(SuperStory) Saved Through Love – PENSHALOM (EPISODE 5)



Episode 5

I get to the library 6pm.
Yes, I got there an hour late.
Ava was busy reading when I got there.
As I moved closer I discovered she was reading the Bible.
This is why I hate this girl, I mean there are so many to read in the library, she chose to read the Bible.
“What the h*** are you reading?”
“Oh, you are here.. I’m just reading up some chapters in the Bible.”
I just keep staring at her.
“You are an hour late”
“So?” I say with a smirk daring her.
“Why are you late?”
“I was busy with Ash”
Something flashed in her eyes, her eyes got suddenly filled up or maybe it’s just my imagination.
“Oh” she replies.
“Oh..that’s all you have to say?”
“Are you pretending or just plain stupid?” I ask angrily.
“You heard me. You are not deaf or maybe you are”
“Why are you angry? I believe I should be the one angry.”
Wait, that’s right, why am I angry?
I know why.
I expected her to be angry but she isn’t and now I feel like a jerk.
I stand up and leave.
I call my driver to come pick me up on my way out.
I am at the parking lot when I hear my name.
I look back and see Ava.
“Here” she points a can of Pepsi and chips at me.
“I bought this for you.”
“I figured we might be late in school working on the project so I got this earlier in case you got hungry”
I stand there speechless.
When I didn’t do anything she placed the items in my hands.
“I guess we’ll work on it tomorrow then. Good night Kevin”. She waves and smiles at me.
I just watch her leave unable to say anything.
“Just who are you Ava?”


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