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9 Positive Signs Your Partner is Cheating on You



Is your partner cheating

Positive Signs Your Partner is Cheating on You

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Love is complicated and sometimes love just fades, sometimes people change, feelings change, or some people just cheat. Cheating is the worst problem to wedge a . It imposes a different kind of emotional pain on the victim and it’s not easy to recover from.

Nobody wants to get cheated on and definitely not you, so here are the top nine signs to tell if your partner is cheating on you so you can pack yourself up and make a run for it:

1. He’s not that interested in you.

It’s understandable that over time, the height of your lowers. There’s no more of that fuzzy feeling you get in your stomach whenever you see each other or in other words, you’re both way past the honeymoon phase already.

What you have to watch out for in the kind of disinterest he shows in you. If you feel like he’s not working anymore for the relationship, then maybe it’s time to question his investment and sincerity.

2. She’s protective of her things.

Another easy sign to look out for is if she’s protective with her things such as her phone, laptop, or computer. This is also the same if she doesn’t like it when you pick her up from work or if you’re hanging out at her office.

This is most probably because she feels guilty, paranoid, and she’s hiding something from you. What it is, you have no idea. But if she’s uncomfortable about leaving her phone around you and she doesn’t like it when you casually borrow her phone, then it’s not a privacy issue anymore.

3. He’d rather go out than spend time with you.

The same thing with the first sign. If he’s more interested in hanging out with his friends than spending time with you, then you may question where his loyalties lie. Sure, time with friends is also good, but if he’s not coming home anymore or answering his phone, then something’s up.

You may also question if he’s going out with his friends at all or if they’re just a lame cover-up for his infidelity. If his friends actually care for him and his relationships, then they will discourage this kind of behavior.

4. She keeps lying about little things.

Lying is also one of the easier signs of cheating. If she can lie about the little things, what more about the big things? When you ask her how her lunch went and she says she was busy with work so she didn’t have lunch, but you clearly saw her downtown sitting across an unknown guy.

It hurts to think that she’s lying to you about small stuff when she can just straight up tell you the truth. It’s your decision whether to keep up with it and see where it goes or confront her and ask her why she’s lying to you.

5. He’s defensive when you confront him.

Another thing to watch out for is if he’s super defensive when you confront him about things. If you ask about the girl who keeps hitting up his phone and he’s completely freaked out and defending himself, then he’s obviously cheating.

Don’t believe that it’s just a friend, because true friends know their limits especially if they know the other party is already taken. If he keeps defending himself even when there is actual physical evidence in front of you then it’s probably best to break it off.

6. She’s overcompensating.

Now, this is a tricky sign because there are people who are just overly affectionate. The best way to tell is if you truly know your partner. If she’s not usually sweet or physically affectionate and then one day she just suddenly bombards you with gifts and then next week with a fancy dinner, maybe something’s up.

This also adds up if you know your relationship has been rocky for some time now. The reason for these actions is probably because she’s compensating for her feelings of guilt. Most of the time the cause of this guilt is cheating.

7. He says he doesn’t feel the spark anymore.

While this may be true, love does fade, most of the time some men just use this as an excuse instead of saying they found somebody new, and oftentimes, that somebody knew has been in the relationship for a while now, you just never knew.

If he throws you this line, directly ask him if there’s somebody else and if he’s completely defensive about it, just raise your hand and walk away. You don’t need someone in your life who doesn’t want you and your loyalty.

8. She doesn’t like it when you ask questions.

Cheaters are constant paranoid so they hate it when you ask them questions, especially if these are questions that pry. They are always afraid of getting caught and are mostly always on the nerve.

If she feels uncomfortable for no reason at all when you ask about a certain co-worker, then maybe you should ask yourself why. If they are only friends, then there’s no reason to feel uneasy at all, right?

9. He smells like someone else.

Lastly, the classic smells like someone else is just as old as the lipstick smear on the collar. You know your man like the back of your hand and of course, you know exactly how smells like. If he comes home smelling like somebody else, then you better raise some eyebrows.

It could just be a co-worker’s strong perfume or any logical reason at all, but if you find yourself smelling the same scent over and over again, then all his excuses are out.

In a perfect world, the story would start with the boy meeting the girl, the two of them falling in love, getting married, and then living happily ever after. That’s how each story should end, but unfortunately, life seems to have other plans at most times.

Cheating is the most hurtful thing one can do in a relationship. It can put a toll on your emotional health and it can feel like a direct punch to the gut. The best thing you can do for yourself is to look out for these signs as early as possible so you can call it quits.

Oliver King is the CEO of and also a social media influence, He is a graduate of Ecotes Benin University with a BSc in International Relations. And also have Dip in Law from Bayero University. Oliver King has passion for blogging and loves what he does.

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