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DONT MISS: 5 best ways to approach a church girl



It appears that there is a special way single girls in church like to be approached. You don’t want to holler at a church babe the way you would any other random babe.

As explained some fool-proof ways to get a church girl to fall in love with you. But before that happens, you have to first step to her. And if you do not do that right, you may be ruining the chances of love you may have with her.

So what are the best ways to approach a church girl you like?

1. Don’t try to flash things at her

No one is saying that Christian ladies and church girls don’t like nice things. Just don’t try to make that the major pulling force. Women in church are repeatedly taught to not base their attraction on material things, and that men who try to flash these things usually have nothing more to offer.

Don’t fall into the trap of being misunderstood. Show more of your essence first. They always like that.

You can get a church girl to fall in love with you. It is not so difficult, really.

2. She wants to know you see more than her

If you have been to church recently, you’ll know that even there, ladies dress really nice, and do their best to look their best.

However, they don’t want to be seen as that only. So don’t approach her talking ONLY about how beautiful she is and all that. Observe her closely enough to get something else to compliment about her than those looks.

3. Don’t be too serious

Don’t be fooled into thinking serious stuff and bible verses is all you will use to make an impression when you are talking to a church girl for the first time.

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Why? Because no matter how spiritual you are, a woman has to feel good and comfortable around you.

Be witty, be humorous, be intelligent and know your way around secular subjects too. They like Jesus doesn’t mean they don’t have a sense of humour or like to have a good laugh.

4. Don’t cramp her space

This is a rule of thumb which applies to every woman, whether she spends more of her time in church or in the club.

When you are talking to a lady you like for the very first time, be the first to leave the conversation. Keep it short and simple. Keep her interested in talking to you some other time. You can come back to her, but give her space at first.

5. The truth and nothing else

This is exactly as it is. Be truthful and honest with the jump. This is not a requirement limited to when you are talking to church woman only.


Oliver King is the CEO of and also a social media influence, He is a graduate of Ecotes Benin University with a BSc in International Relations. And also have Dip in Law from Bayero University. Oliver King has passion for blogging and loves what he does.

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