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For the Couples: Four Very Important Options to Explore When Genotype Gets in the Way



Couples who are AS and SS, and are attempting to let go of their for fear of having children born with sickle cell anemia, will find this article very helpful.
For the Couples: Four Very Important Options to Explore When Genotype Gets in the Way
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Here are four important options for couples who are AS and SS and are trying to forego the thought of for fear of having children born with the SS genotype known as sickle cell anemia.
1. Bone marrow transplant
Stem cells in the bone marrow are responsible for the production of red blood cells.
The bone marrow transplant is a procedure that infuses healthy stem cells into the body to replace damaged or infected bone marrow.
A transplant would mean that the affected party would no longer produce sickle-shaped red blood cells so the couple can give procreation a shot without any fear.
2. Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis
Preimplantation genetic testing is a technique used to identify genetic defects in embryos created through in vitro fertilisation (IVF) before pregnancy.
The embryos and chromosomes would be screened, and only those free of the SS genotype would be transferred to the uterus for implantation.
3. Surrogacy
This is when a woman becomes pregnant and gives birth to a baby in order to give someone who cannot have children.
For couples with genotype incompatibility challenges, a surrogate may be worth the investment.
4. Adoption
Adoption is perhaps the most used alternative by couples who have issues with childbearing.
Couples – who have tried several procedures in futility or don’t have so much money yet want to start a family – can assume parenting of another child.
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