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How Do You Make You Ex Want You Back – Follow These 7 Steps



Want you back

7 Ways to Make Your Ex Want You Back.

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Making your ex want you back after a breakup isn’t easy to do, but it can be achieved by strategic planning, careful execution, and to some extent, divine intervention. This can be harder to do especially when the breakup was really awful and your ex had all the right reasons to leave you.

But how do you make someone want you back? If you are serious about having your former flame ask for another chance at love with you, then you may want to start with these 7 ways:

1. Give yourself time to assess things.

When working towards making your ex want you back, you have to first take time to think about certain considerations. Why did you two break up? Were there things you did that got them fed up? What were your arguments usually about? Was there are third party involved?

By being able to answer these questions, you can then find opportunities in which you can start your plan to make your ex want you back.

2. Get to be the best version of yourself.

Once you have made an assessment, you should then work towards becoming the best version of yourself. This is because regardless of the reason of why they left and the opportunity in which you can get them back, you have to show that you are worth the second chance.

People don’t usually return to their exes other than two reasons: this may be because they realized that they still have feelings for this person, or that they have confirmed that that person has changed for the better and is worth wanting back. You have to make them see that this better version of you is enough to make sparks fly again.

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3. Show, not tell, your improvements.

When plotting your return to your ex’s life, you have to showcase your improvements, but not state them explicitly. You may want to dress up better, interact with people in a more confident manner, act with grace and finesse, and most importantly, show kindness. You have look, act, and behave nicely especially in the social circles that you two share, including that of social media.

When your common friends and the other people who knew you two used to be a couple see that you’ve come out of your shell, they’ll definitely spread the word until it reaches your ex. He or she will then be curious as to what you’ve been doing since the breakup, and this may lead to reopening communication lines that were thought to be dead.

4. When your ex reaches out, act cordially.

You may get giddy once you receive a call or text from your ex, even if it’s just a “hi” or “what’s up”. You are entitled to feel giddy as this is a sign that your plan is working, but don’t ever show it to them. Act cordially. Reply with a simple “hi” and “I’m good.” You may want to continue the conversation by asking them back the same question, but if they don’t reply (or if their response seems to end the conversation), don’t push things further.

Acting cordially, as in being friendly but not showing that you are enjoying the attention, makes your ex believe that you have actually matured and have learned from the past. This will also make him or her more interested to get to know the “new” you, and while it may take them time, they will want to reply and engage in lengthier conversations with you, moving forward.

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5. Remind them about the best times of your through actions.

When your ex continues your conversations, most likely he or she will ask to hang out with you later on. In this phase, you may want to show them that spending time with you is all worth the effort. You can do the things you two liked doing back as a couple, from playing board games to strolling in the park or watching horror movies. It is important to remind them of the best times of your life together, as with this new version of you, the more they would see that it’s worth having you back, not only as a friend but as a partner.

6. Always look good.

Looking good is always essential when making your ex want you back. This is because he or she may be seeing other people while rekindling the flame with you, but they only want to be friends with you at the moment. By looking good, you exude not only confidence, but also an appeal that makes them want to show you off to the world. This is something really important because it elevates you from being a side companion from the past to a returning VIP in their lives.

Looking your best self also puts a pressure on them; they may be going out with other people, but your friends would be telling them that now you have improved, letting you go would be their biggest regret waiting to happen.

7. Make them feel that you have already gone past forgiveness, but you still care.

Lastly, it is important that you make them feel two things: first is that you have already forgiven them, and yourself of the hurt brought by the breakup (including past misgivings), and second, that despite everything that has happened, you still care in the same way as you did before. That is when they will see that your love hasn’t changed and is worth nurturing again. And given how much you have matured as a person, the better they see their future with you.

Final note

Making your ex want you back requires not just determination, but sincerity on your end. You should be true with your intentions of rekindling your , and for them to accept that you are worth the love and affection again.

You should take note that your ex might be wary of starting over again because of the past, but take this as an opportunity to grow and show them that you have changed, and whatever it is that you two are starting with now, is definitely a new and exciting beginning.

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Oliver King is the CEO of and also a social media influence, He is a graduate of Ecotes Benin University with a BSc in International Relations. And also have Dip in Law from Bayero University. Oliver King has passion for blogging and loves what he does.

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