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25 People Who Look So Extraordinary, They’re Probably From Another Planet (Must See)



The history of the scientific approach to anatomy is derived back to Greek medico Herophilos United Nations agency studied and represented human anatomy in 275 B.C.. we’ve got spent thousands of years learning ourselves, however there are still several things our bodies will surprise us with. additional fingers and toes, double pupils, many rows of lashes and unbelievable flexibility ar simply some of the body’s wonders that build individuals round the world look distinctive or perhaps alien-like.

1. For some people, nature has prepared the most incredible looks!

2. Some of us are gifted with amazing flexibility.

3. This woman looks unearthly!

4. Have you ever seen a person whose eyes are blue and brown at the same time?

5. This toddler was born with 12 toes.

6. Kanya Sesser was born without legs, but it never stopped her from living her life to the fullest.

7. “My big toe is…not so big.”

8. A girl with a bionic arm

9. A bright example of heterochromia

10. Some people are born with tiny holes next to their ears.

11. Meet Sophia Hadjipanteli, a unibrow model who tinted her naturally blond eyebrows black to highlight her unique appearance instead of hide it.

12. This person’s pinky is missing.

13. Meet Dru Presta, a 3 ft, 4 inch-tall body positive model who inspires people all over the world to be proud of the way they look.

14. Moles covering this girl’s body make her look like a visitor from another planet.

15. A curious pupil anomaly

16. Dark-skinned inhabitants of the Solomon Islands have developed a “homegrown” gene giving them blond hair.

17. “Discovered I have the distichiasis mutation which means I have multiple rows of eyelashes.”

18. Pinkies with single partitions

19. The condition when an eye has more than one pupil is called “polycoria”.

20. What’s wrong with this picture?

Which of these pictures made you exclaim, “Wow!”? Have you ever met people with such unique looks? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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Top 10 Wealthiest African Cities You Must See Before You Die



Top 10 Wealthiest African Cities You Must See Before You Die

Africa is definitely home to thriving economies and this extensive and detailed report released by AfrAsia Bank buttresses the fact.

The AfrAsia Bank Africa Wealth Report 2018 & covers areas including wealth, prime property as well as wealth management trends from 2007 to 2017 with forecasts to 2027.

In reviewing and ranking the wealthiest cities on the continent, AfrAsia Bank based their metrics on total wealth held.

Total wealth, according to AfrAsia Bank refers to the wealth (property, cash, equities, business interests) held by people residing in the cities. Government funds were omitted from the report.

Scroll through to read about the top 10 wealthiest cities in Africa:


Accra, Ghana

Total Wealth: $38 billion

Major Sectors: Basic materials, manufacturing and financial services.


Casablanca, Morocco

Total Wealth: $42 billion

Major Sectors: Basic materials, manufacturing and financial services.


Pretoria, South Africa

Total Wealth: $48 billion

Major Sectors: Basic materials, manufacturing and financial services.


Luanda, Angola

Total Wealth: $49 billion

Major Sectors: Real estate & construction, transport and basic materials (oil & gas).


Nairobi, Kenya

Total Wealth: $54 billion

Major Sectors: Financial services, real estate & construction, retail, tourism, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), telecoms and basic materials.


Durban, South Africa

Figures for Durban cover Umhlanga, Ballito, Zimbali and La Lucia.

Total Wealth: $55 billion

Major Sectors: Real estate, finance, healthcare, construction, retail and transport.


Lagos, Nigeria

Total Wealth: $108 billion

Major Sectors: Basic materials, real estate & construction, telecoms, transport and financial services.


Cairo, Egypt

Total Wealth: $140 billion

Major Sectors: Real estate & construction, financial services and basic materials.

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Cape Town, South Africa

Total Wealth: $155 billion

Major Sectors: Real estate, financial services (fund management), retail and tourism.


Johannesburg, South Africa

At number one, figures for Johannesburg cover Sandton.

Total Wealth: $276 billion

Major Sectors: Financial services (banks), professional services (law firms, consultancies), construction, telecoms and basic materials.

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20 Unforgettable Events in the History of Nigeria After Independence



20 Unforgettable Events in the History of Nigeria After Independence

Happy Independence Day Nigeria! While we celebrate and work together to make our nation better and carve a better way forward for Nigeria, let’s reminisce on some unforgettable events in our nation’s history after our independence on October 1st, 1960. These 20 events will forever remain special to us:


1. October 1, 1963: Nigeria became a Republic

2. December 30, 1964: The first national elections held in independent Nigeria

3. August 31, 1966: The original name “Federal Republic of Nigeria” was restored.

4. May 22, 1973: National Youth Service Corp was introduced

5. September 2nd, 1976: Universal Primary Education was first introduced

6. March 5, 1980: Mrs. Folake Solanke became the first female Senior Advocate of Nigeria

7. September 9, 1982: The Nigerian Accounting Standards Board (NASB) was established

8. October 16, 1986: Wole Soyinka won the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature

9. December 12, 1990: Abuja officially became Nigeria’s capital

10. June 21, 1994: Rashidi Yekini scored Nigeria’s first goal at the World Cup

11. September 1, 1994: RayPower 100.5 pioneered private radio broadcasting in Nigeria

12. December 21, 1999: Small and Medium Enterprises Equity Investment Scheme (SMEEIS) was approved by the banker’s committee

13. September 14, 1999: Professor Chinua Achebe won the maiden National Creativity Award

15. March 6, 2000: The first kidney transplant in Nigeria was conducted at St. Nicholas Hospital by Dr. Shonibare

14. November 16, 2001: Agbani Darego was crowned Miss World.

15. December 26, 2004: First Calabar carnival was held

16. April, 5, 2005: Dele Olojede became the first African-born journalist to win a Pulitzer Prize

17. October 12, 2005: 1000 Naira notes went into circulation for the first time

18. April 21, 2006: Nigeria became the first African country to completely pay off its debt to the Paris Club

19. July 26, 2007: Guaranty Trust Bank became the first African Bank to be listed on the London Stock Exchange.

20. August 22, 2009: 120 Nigerian police officers were awarded UN peace keeping medals for their service in Liberia.

Share your favourite event with us in the comment section below

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30 Reasons Why Dogs Are the Best Things in This World



There area unit concerning 900 million dogs all round the world. 900 million downlike cuties WHO area unit able to provide their best human friend all their love and devotion. we have a tendency to successively love dogs, adore them, fancy their spontaneousness, and soften from their sweetness. And it’s not accidental. they’re rattling creatures and this has been confirmed various times.

30 Reasons Why Dogs Are the Best Things in This World

1. Your best friend is always there to support you.

2. They smile…
3. …and laugh.
4. Dogs don’t follow the crowd…
5. …but they can get lost in it, if necessary.
6. Some pups pretend to be human.
7. They can even convince the cat that it’s a dog.
8. They know what to choose.
9. Doggies are the best selfie takers…
10. …and the best listeners.
11. They know their duties even when they’re just puppies…
12. …and responsibly perform them.
13. Their eyes can beg for anything from you.
14. They have everything under control.

15. Pups are the perfect babysitters…
16. …and are friends with everybody.
17. Good girls like the driver’s seat.
18. Dogs have big hearts.
19. They’ll guard your cart…
20. …and keep you in shape.
21. Pups are such cuties while sleeping.
22. Dogs care about safety…
23. …and don’t care about your social status.
24. They will easily change up your routine.
25. There can never be too many best friends.
26. Dogs are superheroes.
Do you know any other reasons why dogs are the best? Do you have a pawfect friend? Tell us in the comments.

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