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For All Kinds of Wear, Timmie Wears Got You Covered (Details)



Since most people desire to look unique, impressive and to attract the attention of others through stylish outfits, we can say almost every person loves fashion.


However, one can wear simple affordable clothes and yet look fashionable. This is possible because fashion designers like Oluwatimileyin Oladunsi takes her time to study the occasion, material, place, and several other things before creating stylish outfits.

Oluwatimileyin Odunsi the of Timmie wears has been able to understand different traditional styles, She’s one of the innovative and creative fashion designers having modernized Fashion and even taken beyond the shores of the country with huge success.

Timmie Wears is the best when it comes to fashion, and has been in fashion production for over seven years, with affiliates within and outside Ilorin.

Timmie Wears deals with advanced contemporary wear for women from this designer combines high design content and functionality. Indulgent fabrics, meticulous cut, and sartorial construction made a unique style. and has become the most prestigious fashion house in Nigeria.

Timmie Wears Also represent traditional concepts in combination with non-traditional for Ladies wear fabrics.

For all kinds of wear, we’ve got you covered

For your asoebi, ladies wears, ankara georgous top, dope gown and dope outfits, we’re here for you and dope outfits, we’re here for you

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