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Compulsory Marriage | Season 1 Episode 3 & 4




Episode 3
I couldn’t help but stare at Mary…her a-s is out of this world..Mary has a big curvy a-s that will make a guy go crazy ……her body structure is out of this world…all i was dreaming was how i will get to see the a-s without anytyn on her…i was lost in my though when her voice brought me back

Mary: uhmmmmm…i go love oooo

Me:lolzz… are not serious


Mary: Is she the one you have on the wall?

Me: Yes

Mary: she’s beautiful…..u have a eye for good things..

Me: thank you…like have been saying, you aren’t looking bad too and your guys should be lucky to have you

Mary: the same way you are lucky to have her too…..

Me: yes ooo…just like i said that life is all about competition and i guess am the winner in her game

Mary: definitely…for you to have her on ur wall and on ur dp

Me: don’t mind me jare…

Mary: Am done..where should i serve yours…

Me: Y serve it separately? You can put it together now..lets eat together

Mary: No ooo….oko oloko (Another man’s hubby)

Me: and u are also another man’s wife…put it together jhoor, at least it wont stick on us that we eat together

Mary: Ohk ooooo………

She dish the food and we went back to the sitting room together….We were eating together on the sofa and i couldn’t help but stare at the cleavage…all i was thinking was how to get in there…my mind was made up to chop and clean mouth as she already know am in a serious ..i was thinking of a way but none was forth coming..we finish eating and she took the plate to the kitchen while i excused myself to change to a short and round neck with CD in my back pocket in case something will come up.

I came back and sat beside her once again, checked time and it was around after 2. She concentrated on fashion tv while i was staring at her, we will talk about what they are showing on tv which am not interested in and gist about it a bit….i used my index finger to pick something on her face after a while and was trying to remove the dirt in there……..

Mary: thanks so much………..

Me: uwc

Mary: watz that sef….

Me: guess its a stain…am still trying to remove it…..

I moved my head a bit closer to her and after scrubbing the place for a while, i use my hand to shrug her hair and place my lips on her cheek. She looked at me and i stare back..i expected a word from her but she didn’t say anytyn………my hand was still on her hair when i moved forward again but this time around my lips going for her lips too…..she kissed me back and i found my way in front of her while resting her back on the two sitter…we continue kissing and she was responding to my move, my left hand was around her neck while my right hand was on her hair and cheek….i move my right hand downward a bit and within a twinkle of an eye have loosen two button from her TM shirt revealing her black bra…..i continue kissing while i push up the cup of the right bra revealing her fresh light skin bweast and her brown nip.ple………..i moved my mouth downward a bit to the nip.ple after playing with it for like 5mins….

I let my mouth continue with the work on her nip.ple and by this time, i have loosen all her shirt button…..i pushed up the second bra cup, i was sucking the right one while playing with the left nip.ple with my left hand….didnt take so much time before she started with a soft moan……uhmmmm…….i started doing the job religiously and was interchanging between the two bweast with my fingers and mouth…..i move my hand downward after a while to her trouser trying to unbutton her jean but she stopped me………i moved upward again and started all over again with a kiss…she responded, then on my mind i was like “why is she stopping me from going down if she can leave every other place for me”

I rounded my hand over her neck again moving my right hand behind her back, i lifted her hand up a bit and unbuckle her bra..i have all the b—-t to me alone now and i started sucking all over again but a bit harder this time around and with lot of commitment….i move downward again to her jean and she held my hand again the very moment i unbutton the jean, she didn’t even allow me pull down the zip…

Mary: uhmmmm….okunrin

Me: whats it baby

Mary: so, this is wat it was all about?

Me: watz that?

Mary: to s-x me of course and betray the trust of ur fiancée?

Me: sincerely its not like that baby….

Mary: then its like wat playboy

Me: I couldn’t take my mind off u the moment i set my eyes on u…u enchanted me baby

Mary: but do u think its ideal seeing me today and wanting to get in between my legs immediately…u are not even scared

Me: I no u are not a ghost baby and am sure you cant harm me…

Mary: well, am not a ghost and i can never harm u truly but u guys are the same thing like i said earlier but u denied it…am sure will never think u are with another lady and as for me, remove the thoughtof u having s-x with me from your mind……….

Me: “sad face” “ise ti ja”………do u want to hear the truth baby

Mary: watz it? The truth is that you want to do chop and clean mouth…u want to use me to mark register as am sure you are serious with ur fiancée and nothing can separate you guys

Me: i never thought about chop and clean mouth with u..the truth is that i tried to take my mind off this happening between us but i couldn’t help it..i believe its God that brought us together and its definitely for a purpose……because if not faith that brought us together, i couldn’t imagine coming all the way to Lasu to do wat i can easily do at the comfort of my house

Mary: uhmmmmmmm

Me: same goes to you as you can easily make this enquiry from your friends rather than coming to school. How do u even explain it that after leaving u at the corridor of the faculty office, i still meet u on my way coming home again…its all God and faith not about where we are right now or trying to do chop and clean mouth..

Mary: uhmmmmm…….

Me: sincerely, you are every guy heart desire and i cherish the day God created you baby…

I moved my mouth to her nip.ple again and started sucking it…this time real hard and fondling the second if she has been expecting me to make the move, she left a soft moan immediately…uhmmmmmm……….uhmmmmmmm…i was interchanging between the two bweast at the same time……i move my mouth a bit to her belly button and give it a kiss…..then she jerked..i did it again..she jerked with a loud moan….Ahhrrrrghhhh…..Uhmmmmmmm……Arhhhrrrghhhh…..i concentrated on the belly button with my left hand fondling her nip.ple while i use my right hand to to bring down her jean zip and pull it down a bit……..she removed her leg from the jean showing her white pant……i could feel traces of water all over her pant…she was totally wet, i moved my hand to shift her pant to a side but she drew me closer pulling down my short indicating she needed my d–k and not my finger……

I pull my short and boxer fully at the same time while removing her own pant too…by the time i removed my boxer, she was already totally with nothing on again…..i quickly pull out my rubber but she was so eager to have me raw….but i restrained and put on my rain coat……her pussssy was so open and wet as i entered straight up..i started digging it hard and it was a feeling of excitement hearing her ringtone under me…”harder….harder baby….”..i knew i might not have another chance again so i was digging harder but the harder i think i was going the more she was shouting “yes…i can feel you baby….harder baby……yes……..oh my God……..God ooooo…yes….”she held me so tight to herself and we came after like 15mins………

I lifted her up straight to the bedroom and it was another round of s-x with different style starting from riding me and to doggy style…..Apparently, it has been a very long time i enjoy s-x like Mary gave it to me….i was surprise if she was not the same person that held me back when we started in the first place………..After almost an hour in the bedroom…..we both got tired and laid flat on the bed and didn’t remember when sleep came. I totally slept off and didn’t know what happened again but i was very sure i left her awake before i slept off.

Episode 4

The only thing i remembered was the ringtone of my phone waking me around 8pm and mary was right there on my chest…i excused myself and went straight to the sitting room,d line cut before i could get there and i saw like 15 mixed call…11 from her and four from other pple…..i was scrolling tru when my fone started ringing again….

Baby: Hello………..Where are u?………

Me: Yes baby…am home…have been sleeping since ni…i left my fone in the sitting room. Am very tired….you no i needed this rest so badly

Baby: Yes baby…i was just worried that u weren’t picking your calls

Me: Am fine dear…How was ur day? Hope not too stressful?

Baby: Not really dear……………….

I was still on the fone when Mary walked into the sitting room with one of my boxer and my singlet on……..waoh, i was turn on again with Dickson showing up big sign……but wat i needed was real food as i was feeling hungry……she went straight to the kitchen while i continue with my call..i was expecting her to come out and pick her cloth preparing to go home but she was still in the kitchen….i stepped out of my flat to continue with my call..i spent close to 45mins outside before walking back inside with the thought that Mary would have got angry that i kept her late but to mu surprise, she was still on what i left her with 45mins ago but the difference just that she clean up the sitting room picking all her things to only where God knows……another thing is that rice was waiting me on the table……………..

Mary: Na wah ooooo….so, na call u dey make since

Me: Am very sorry jare…we had a pending discussion ni

Mary: Ohk oooo…..have been waiting for you since…the food is almost cold sef

Me: Am very sorry…..

I felt so relaxed as we started eating with the thought of when Mary will be going home but with the look of things she didn’t look like someone that is ready to go home. I was not so worried as that means more pusssssy for me tonight as i will use my opportunity as long as i like…moreoever nothing to fear as my baby wont be coming around till weekend and i would have clean all my traces.

We finish eating, played a bit in the sitting room before going to the bedroom….it was series of s-x from the bathroom to anywhere i can think of in the sitting room…Mary never got tired and i never witness a lady that love s-x that much before…she knows how to do it very well..even the way she gives BJ will make any guy come within two was a thorough enjoyment. I woke up around 5am and she was still asleep…..i started preparing for work with the hope that i will take her along but with the time i was leaving i was so sure she wouldn’t be ready to leave yet so i had to drop 5k beside the bed for her transport..i woke her up to tell her that i will be on my way to office, showed her where the extra key was and asked her to drop it back whenever she was ready to go….off i went to the office.

Everything went well in the office even though i felt so tired at work…….i was expecting mary to call me but she didn’t likewise i too. I closed a bit late at work as i had work piled up for me..i got home around 9pm and by the time i got to the entrance of my flat, i realized my light was on with the sign that someone was at home…i opened the door with my key and all the sitting room was filled up with aroma…..the aroma coming out made me more hungry as i wanted to taste wat was smelling badly…i wouldn’t care even if it was my enemy that cook the food. I walked straight up to the kitchen and it was a big surprise that Mary was the one doing the cooking in the kitchen…..she turn to me and come around to hug me

Mary: Wecome back baby boy…how was work today

Me: I bless God…and hw are you too

Mary: Am fine dear

“kisses me and i responded”

Me: What happened? Thought you would have left?

Mary: Dont mind me jare…decided to stay with you till tomorrow morning or later in the evening cos i know ur wifey will be coming around on Friday for weekend

Me: uhmmmm…ohk oooo but where will u tell them at home that you went to?

Mary: At least am not a kid or am i?

Me: Am sorry……just curious ni….ma binu dear

Mary: Its ohk…moreover i already call them from home that i wont be coming back until weekend

For my mind “see free bleeping till Friday evening”…..

Me: so, watz cooking?

Mary: Prepared vegetable soup with wheat….

Me: no wonder you want to kill us with aroma..

Mary: At least not as much as your wifey?

Me: Until i eat before i pass my comment…but where did u c money to cook?

Mary: the money u dropped for me this morning now…i make use of it and added 2k that i have with me to it…

Me: that means am in debt of 7k already

Mary: 7k ko….ur money is more than that ooo…wont u pay for workmanship

Me: oh..oh..lets say like 10k then…

Mary: well, i will manage that from u……

Me: please write it in ur debtors book..i will pay

I went to the bathroom to take my bath..i was still in the bathroom when i heard the bathroom door open..i knew it was no one else than Mary even though i still av soap all over my face……..wat i felt was a hand on my Dickson with a massage, before i knew what was happening, mary mouth was already on my d–k giving me serious mouth action…..we bleeped in the bathroom and from there to the bedroom….what a serious enjoyment.

]It was a bright Friday morning, i dressed up for work as early as possible and as a means of appreciation, i dropped 10k for mary and asked when next we will see..she said we will talk about that on phone when she’s up..i instructed her to drop the extra key for me at the entrance whenever she’s going….
I got to work and everytyn went on normal, i called Biola and she told me she was wont be coming over the weekend as she had something to do for her parent. It was a bit stressful day and i closed late as usual…instead of hanging out, i went home straight..I got to the entrance of my room and i realized someone was inside my flat……”so, this babe is still around”.
I knocked at the door and it was opened for me, what a big surprise as it was Biola my fiancée that opened the door for me, standing in the sitting room was Mary staring at us.

Biola: Welcome baby……how was work today

Me: Welcome darling…work was fine, a bit stressful today….we talked today and you sad you aint showing up this weekend

Biola: I wanted to do a surprise for you ni….moreover u didn’t tell me your cousin was around

Mary: (cousin ke? I hope dis geh neva cause wahala) Am very sorry for that, it escaped my mind and i didn’t she will still be around up till now

Biola: She said same too………

Me: am surprise…….

Biola: she said they have not answered her concerning her certificate she came to process, they asked her to come back on Monday….but have asked her to stay behind till that Monday instead of going to Ibadan and coming back on Monday

Me: Nooooooo baby…..her dad called me today to confirm if i saw her and i told them she will be home today…but as its late already, i guess she should be going home first thing tomorrow morning as they said she has something to do for them at home

Mary: don’t mind daddy jare uncle snakie, he’s just missing me but i already called him that i wont be coming till on Monday evening…..Atleast lemme use the opportunity to play with u guys a little before going cos only God knows when next we will see again…most especially i will get to know our wife very well……

Me: (mo daran…iru wahala wo leleyi)……..but i still maintain that you go home tomorrow den u can come back properly for a visit as we will be well prepared by then

Biola:what kind of preparedness is that, it will be too stressful for her to go to Ibadan and come back on Monday now, i believe popsy too will reason along that line……..abeg aunty Mary, lets go to the kitchen and continue with our cooking jare……..Food will soon be ready baby boy

Me: Ohk…no p, you have the final say baby

I went inside the room soliloquising about what just happened…”am i dreaming? How will i cope with two girls in d same room? Is Mary crazy? Whats she up to? What kind of game is she trying to play with me? I hope have not used my Dickson to cause trouble for mysef? What am i going to do? I had to see to the fact the she leave my house first thing on Monday morning….what a devil.

To be continued


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