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Later in the evening, i heard them coming out of the room, he was seeing his off. I quickly rushed downstairs when the girl had gone, pretending to be watching TV, Daniel entered the house and saw me in the sitting room. He smiled…

Daniel: Omolola…. Why did you do that?

Me: Do what?

Daniel: What has the girl done to you? Why do you hate her? She’s my fiance you know..

Fiance? Eeew, rubbish…

Me: What are you talking about? I don’t get you.

Daniel: You’re jealous?

Me: Huh! Of what?

Daniel: Nevermind….

As he was about going back to his room, climbing the stairs, i said….

Me: Is she better than me?

Daniel stopped, he looked at me, he didn’t reply.

Me: Is she better than me?

Daniel was coming back, coming closer to me, coming closer, held my hands, oh my God we are about to have .

Daniel: She’s 100% better than you

What? Did he just say that to me?

He walked out of me and went straight to his room. Can you believe that, did he just say that she’s better than me? Oh my God, she’s better than me? Like seriously? How can he say that to me, that’s so rude of him, i was so ashamed of myself when he said that, and i thought we are about to have , he denied me insated. Is the girl that good? She doesn’t sound like someone good with the way she was moaning, i don’t moan like someone who want to die like her, the way she was moaning is like she was about to die.

It was painful, he said such to me… I shamelessly dragged myself to the room, as i was about entering my room, i heard my name, ‘Omolola’, it was Daniel…. The next thing i heard was…

Daniel: I miss you

Come and see how fast both of us jammed ourselves with deep kiss, we began to kiss like there is no tomorrow, damn i missed him.

Me: I missed you too

We continued, kissing, smooching really hard, pulling off our clothes, kissing so deeply, he pushed me to indoor balcony, resting on the handle, straighten my ass up, and began to bang me from behind as he squeezing my boobs, kissing me, banging me, moaning really hard, riding me really hard.

Me: Daniel i miss you


Daniel: I miss you too

Banging me, pounding me, hitting me really hard.

Me: Haaa, Yes… Is she better than me?

Daniel: No one is better than you

Moaning, pulled me up and was banging me really damn hard, he banged me from behind all through, till he finally cum. Both of us breathing heavily, panting…

Me: What did we just do? Oh my God

Daniel: I miss you

I just don’t know what came over me, i gave him a dirty slap.

Daniel: What was that for?

Me: Don’t you ever try this with me again

I quickly picked my clothes…. Daniel was surprised

Daniel: Omolola, are you serious?

I picked my clothes, hissed went straight to my room and shut the door. Oh my God, what have i done? What is wrong with me? Omolola you’re cursed, father and son? I couldn’t sleep that night…

Few days after our last encounter, i stopped talking to Daniel, not even a greeting. I was so ashamed of myself, i betrayed my baby. I avoided him, he tried talking to me, i just had to ignore him, snubbed him. Tried to stay far away from him at some point he got pissed as well, he was always hissing anytime he sees me, to make the whole thing more frustrating, he was bringing his to the house everyday, what is the meaning of that? Is he trying to spite me with that? Honestly, i just couldn’t deal, anytime i see that girl in our house, i was always mad. What is she doing here? I hate that girl, i just hate her, i hate her so much, so so much. The most annoying part was anytime they are indoor, they do have sex, especially the loud moaning sound, it kills me, it really kills and weakens me. I was so jealous of what was happening between them, i dunno, i just want to be the only one Daniel will be making love to, just me alone, no one else. I want Daniel to myself, i want him for me alone but its not possible, so many circumstances surrounding us. I vowed never to have sex with Daniel again cos its wrong, having sex with father and son, i would any day prefer Daniel to my step father but my step father has the ingredients that i need. He wanna marry him and so shall it be, i just have to stop doing Daniel, stay far away from him.

I tried everything to stay away from him but it seems Daniel wants me again, yes he wants me again after all his shakara (pride). I remember when my stepfather came back from , i was so happy he was around, that would serve as a protection against Daniel. The night my stepfather came back, we had heated sex all night, it was crazy, i so love my old man, he does it like pro, he’s so good at rimming damn. I admire his heavy joystick, well structured and fat, anytime, his joystick penetrate my vagina, i scream for heaven or should i say i see myself in heaven. His cum is out of this world. Sigh!!! So one night, i’m sure you all know i have this habit of drinking water in the midnight, i do get thirsty in the night, most especially after sex. So i went to the kitchen, downstairs to get water, after taking my water, someone switched off the light cos i switched it on. Who could that be? Who else? I knew he was the one..

Me: What is the meaning of this?

Daniel closed the kitchen door…

Me: What is wrong with you? I’m sure you know your father is around.

Daniel was shirtless, putting on just boxers with his obvious dangling erected joystick.

Daniel: Omolola i want you.

Me: You want who? See you need to start respecting me, i’m about to be your step mother.

Daniel: You can also be my cex mate

Me: What? Please leave the way and let me pass

Dragging the door with him…

Me: Let me pass now, i don’t like all these

Daniel: I’ll be fast with it, i promise

Can you believe that the idiot put his hand on my boobs.

Daniel: I want this (seductive tone)

Me: Get your filthy hands off me

Daniel: What is wrong with you now?

Me: Let me go, i will scream ooo

Daniel: I dare you, i could just tell my Dad about what happened the other day.

Me: Oh really? Is that a threat or what?

Daniel: Common, i’m obsessed with you, i just want CEX that’s all



Daniel: I wanna fu*ck you right here, right now

Me: No way, until you get rid of that Dam of yours that’s when you can have me. I can’t share you with anyone

Daniel moving closer…

Daniel: Are you for real, but i’m sharing you with my father

Me: I’m the lady here, i don’t want to see her here again, if you want S*x with me.

Daniel: Okay fine, i’ll get rid of her

He planted a deep kiss on my lips, we began to kiss, smooch, squeezing, i was playing with his joystick, he lifted me up on the kitchen cabinet, separated my legs, as he was positioning his joystick to penetrate me, we heard footsteps, oh my God that should be my stepfather. We quickly separated, i began to hear my name ‘Omolola’, ‘Omolola where are you?’ my stepfather was looking for me, me and Daniel were both scared…

Me: Oh my God, i’m dead, i told you i don’t want to do

Daniel: Damn it

Me: Just find somewhere to hid

My stepfather called me again, ‘Omolola’, i replied

Me: Sweetheart, i’m in the kitchen

I quickly told Daniel to hid inside the kitchen cabinet, he hid himself, i closed it, quickly open the refirgerator and brought out bottle of water, pretending be the drinkging water, as my stepfather opened the door.

Me: Sweetheart, you’re not sleeping

He moved closer and was kissing….

Stepfather: I want more


Me: More what?

My stepfather: Lets do it here

Me: What? No, no, no

Before i know it, the old man lifted me on the kitchen cabinet, Daniel was hiding, spread my legs, brought out his massive joystick and was banging me, in the kitchen, exactly the same way Daniel wants it, Like father like son. Funniest part is that were doing it on top of Daniel. Lord have mercy!!!

Few hours later, already in our room, in the morning, stepfather taking his bath, i received a text message from Daniel, it goes thus ‘That mad man chanced me Abi, i swear to God, i will kill that man for cheating me, it really pained me gan. You shouldn’t have had S*x on my head now, that man must die ooo’…. I just couldn’t stop laughing, silently laughing.

The following day, Daniel annoyed me by bringing his girlfriend to the house, she even slept over, can you imagine, so this boy was only fooling me or what? He brought that Dam to this house again, i was so furious, he betrayed me. I was just panting up and down in the room, my stepfather walked into the room. I rushed to him…

Me: Sweetheart

He looked surprise

Stepfather: Are you okay?

Me: Are we gonna let that girl sleep in this house?

Stepfather: Which girl?

Me: Daniel’s

Stepfather: You mean Mariam?

Me: Yes, its wrong, how can she just come here anytime she wants and sleep over. That’s totally uncalled for, they don’t wven regard you at all.

He Chuckled…

Stepfather: Let them be, they are just having fun

He kissed me and went out…

Me: Having fun?

This man is just an idiot, what can i do to get this slut out of here. What can i do? I was so restless, so annoyed, i couldn’t even sleep that night cos i knew they would have S*x. I quickly picked up my phone and sent a text message, reminding him our agreement. I waited for his reply, he didn’t reply, he didn’t reply me ooo, what are they doing? Are they having S*x or what? I sent the text message again, he didn’t reply. I was so hopeless, i had to sleep off.

In the morning, i received a text message from him, he replied the 2 text messages i sent to him, i check the messages and the reply was just ‘Ok’, the two messages he replied it were just ‘Ok’. Like seriously, Daniel is a betrayer and he’s definitely going to regret it, i swear, he would regret it.

Few hours later, while in the kitchen cooking, there was a knock on the door, it was the gate man, he came to inform me, someone is looking for me. I was surprised, who could that be, i was nervous, hope its not my mother. I went outside to check the the person, it was a lady looking so rough, a young lady, should be older than me. I greeted her

Me: You said you wer looking for me

Lady: Good afternoon ma… My name is Alero ma, please ma i’m looking for job, if you need housemaid, i can do it. I’m very hardworking ma, please ma.

Me: Oh okay, too bad Oga is not at home but we need housemaid too. Today is Saturday, he’s gone to a party, why don’t you come tomorrow afternoon, he would be at home, i would tell him about you.

Alero knelt down and began to cry…

Alero: Please ma, help me… My mother is dying in the village, i need money to buy drugs and take care of her, please help me with this job me, i won’t disappoint you.

Me: No, no, please stand up… Don’t worry you will get the job, just come tomorrow, don’t worry, you will get it. I promise. Stand up okay

She stood up….

Alero: Than you ma

Me: No problem, do you have tfare?

She nodded her head negatively…

Me: Okay wait, let me get you something.

I quickly went inside to get some money, i gave her money while she left. I really pitied her, what a world. Fine girl like that.

Although, i’ve been complaining that i need a maid in the house, thank God he brought this one to us. Making it easy for me, i told my stepfather about itm he kicked against, he wasn’t in support of it, i begged him but was just so adamant that he doesn’t want maid in his house. I begged him seriously, he didn’t listen oo, i decided to keep malice with him, i even insulted him.

Me: Since you people want to turn me to slave in this house i’ll just pack my things and go back to Akure

Stepfather: Are you crazy?

We had heated argument over this issue, to the extent that i was already packing my things, to go be the glory, i won the battle cos he accepted.

The following day, Alero came, i introduced to him as the new maid, while doing that, the pervert walked in.

Daniel: Good afternoon Dad.

Stepfather: Daniel, you’ve started again.

Walked passed without a greeting, went to meet his Dad.

Daniel: Sorry i didn’t come home last night, i should have informed you.

I just hissed, talking to the girl…

Me: So welcome to our house, i hope you will be a good a girl. Let me show you your room

Daniel: And what is going on here? Who is she?

Me: Are you asking me or your father?

Stepfather: Omolola…

Me: What? Didn’t you see he didn’t greet me when he entered. Well, this is Alero, our new housemaid.

Daniel looked surprised…

Daniel: Housemaid?

Me: Yes, housemaid. Alero that’s oga’s son, his name is Daniel, call him Daniel not uncle Daniel, just Daniel, he’s very rude and a pervert too, don’t stay close to him

Daniel: Dad, did you hear that

Stepfather: Omolola, stop that and show the girl her room

Me: Okay dear

I took the girl to her room…

Daniel: This girl is just a bit*ch

Stepfather: What did you say?

Daniel: Nothing, i didn’t say anything. Nothing…

Yea, i finally have a housemaid in the house. Less i forgot, that same night, i received an international call, i picked it the call, it was my mother, when i heard her voice, i quickly cut it off. I was scared of talking to her, i can’t, i just cant.

She continued calling me, i quickly went downstairs to meet my stepfather with my phone ringing. I was panicking

Me: Demola, my mum is calling

Stepfather: Your mum? What does she want?

Me: I don’t know ooo, i’m scared

Stepfather: Scared of what? Give me the phone let me talk to her.

Me: Talk to her?

Stepfather: Yes

He grabbed the phone from my hand, picked the call and began to say..

Stepfather: Hello, this is Demola, your ex husband. Don’t you ever call my wife Omolola again, we are getting married soon, she has disowned you. Where is my son? You ran away with my son, where is my son? You will be hunt down, you will give me my son back.

He switched off the phone… I was surprised he would say such

Me: Why would you say such?

Stepfather: Cos I love you

Me: You love me?

Stepfather: Yes i do and nobody will take you away from me, not even your mother, until she return my son.

I was shocked, he got up picked his car keys

Me: Where are you going at this time?

He didn’t reply me as he left and shut the door. What is happening?



Few weeks later, everything went back to normal, even though i was still surprised my stepfather could say such to my mother. I was confused, is he using me against my mother or using me as bait? Are they playing games with me cos i just don’t get it. Only time will tell, my stepfather although didn’t talk about eaither, he pretended as if nothing happened, and he was still having sex with me as usual, but he seems honest cos he’s so caring and all that. Maybe i shouldn’t think about it anymore, i’m sure he loves me, i’m sure he does.

Alero the new housemaid living with us already, she was handy, cool girl, i do give her things, buy her things and all that. Daniel on the other hand was still keeping malice with me, should i say i’m the one keeping malice with him, we stopped talking and he wouldn’t stop bringing that slut to the house to spite me, i just had to ignore him, he doesn’t worth it, i need cut ties with him. He’s a fool, a big fool and a slowpoke. Honestly, i don’t really know why i’m keeping malice with him, i guess i’m jealous and moreover he betrayed me, he was suppose to break up with the girl atleast not to bring her to the house. The problem is he wouldn’t stop bringing her to the house, the one that pained me pass, God, i couldn’t sleep for days, Daniel hurt me so bad. I never believed he would do that….. I was in the sitting room with my stepfather watching a movie and the next i heard was a noise coming from upstairs, the noise was just too much.

Me: What is going on? I hope he’s not beating his girlfriend

Stepfather: This doesn’t sound like they are fighting. Maybe they won lottery

All of a sudden Mariam ran downstairs screaming, what is wrong with the fool? She was indeed happy, why the noise?

Mariam: Yes, oh my God.

Stepfather: What happened, what is the excitement all about?

Mariam: He proposed, Daniel proposed…

Pro what? She showed us her engagement ring, flaunting it, Daniel was also coming downstairs, all smile.

Stepfather: Wow, congratulations, finally?

Daniel proposed to the bit*ch? I was so hurt, it was like they poured hot water on my body, i didn’t interfere, i couldn’t say anything than to pretend to be watching the movie. My stepfather got up and hugged her, rubbish, how old are they that they are getting engaged.

Stepfather: Omolola, won’t you congratulate them?

Me: Huh! What? Oh okay, congrats, i hope it leads to ooo.

They were surprised i said such, I stood up wore my slippers and went straight to the room cos i just can’t deal.

Few hours later in the room with my stepfather.

Me: Were you suppose to congratulate them or scold them. How old are they?

Stepfather: Let them be, its love

Me: Love indeed, Daniel is just a fresh graduate, he hasn’t even gone for Nysc and he’s planning on already. Is just farce, they can’t marry, God doesn’t support such. They are just playing, it can never lead to ….

I noticed my stepfather wasn’t replying…

Me: You’re not even saying anything

I looked at him and he was already snoring, can you imagine. He’s slept off, so he didn’t even find them repulsive. How can Daniel be engaged just like that, does that mean i have to let him go, arrrgh, this thing pain me oo. How i just wish i was the one he’s engaged to, gosh, i want Daniel to Bleep me, i miss him. God, why? I was so restless, i couldn’t sleep. I just have to find a way to tear them apart. I would make sure i put assunder, if i can’t have Daniel, nobody will. I swear, i will ruin their .

In the kitchen cooking indomie, i was so damn hungry, i couldn’t even concentrate in school cos i was really farmished.

Me: Alero, Alero, Alero…… Where is this girl? She should come help Me garnish this pepper. Alero, Alero.

The next i heard, ‘I sent her on an errand’, it was Daniel, he was shirtless, putting on just his trouser.

Me: You have no right to send her anywhere, she works for me.

Daniel: Really?

He moves closer, acting weird, weird i mean, seductively. What is going on?

Me: Errrm! What is going on here?

Daniel moving closer…

Me: Please, if this is another porn tricks of yours, its never going to work.

Daniel: When are we going to stop these malice?

So flirty…

Me: What Malice? Abeg, Abeg, let me pass…

I tried to move away from him, he blocked me.

Me: What is the meaning of all these, please stop it okay. Alero is around.

Daniel: She won’t be coming anytime soon

Me: Stop flirting with me

Daniel: I miss you

Me: Really? Please, tell that to your girlfriend, well atleast, you’re now engaged. Just let me pass

Daniel was becoming too close for comfort…

Me: Will you stop all these before somebody finds us

Daniel: Do you want me to break up with Mariam?

Me: What? What do you mean?

I was kinda happy when i heard that

Daniel: Yes, if you want me, i would

Me: Are you serious?

Daniel: Yes

For real? He’s gonna break up with her?

Me: Okay (shy)

He began to touch my boobs, he unbottoned my shirt, kissing me, kissing, kissing.

Me: Wait, wait…. What about Alero?

Daniel: Long thing

We continued kissing, smooching, unzipping my trouser, pulling off my trouser, he unzipped his trouser and brought out his erected joystick turned me over on the cabinet and began to bang me, so hard, pounding me from behind, hitting me so hard, kissing me.

Me: What about Alero? (Moaning)

Daniel: I’ll be fast (Moaning)

Banging me so damn fast, he was really fast, moaning loud, moaning, moaning, banging, banging.

Daniel: Yes, baby

‘Uncle Daniel, i didn’t find the thing you sent at the supermarket’, that was the next thing i heard, oh my God, Alero caught us red handed. We quickly separated as she left…

Me: Daniel i told you, i told you


Daniel: What?

Me: What? Seriously?

He adjusted his trouser, hissed and walked out of the kitchen. I was shocked, he wasn’t scared or bothered the girl caught us. What is going on? Afterall, i will be the one to suffer for it, if Demola finds out, Daniel has nothing to worry about. I just have to beg Alero not to say anything. I’m so scared right now, should i send Alero away before Demola comes back? I’m dead.

To Be Continued…


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[Superstory] The Trouble With Kissing Him By Penshalom | Season 1 | Complete Episodes Download



[Superstory] The Trouble With Kissing Him By Penshalom | Season 1 | Complete Episodes Download

[Superstory] The Trouble With Kissing Him By Penshalom | Season 1 | Download Complete Episodes

[Superstory] The Trouble With Kissing Him By Penshalom | Season 1 | Complete Episodes Download

Title : The Trouble with Kissing Him

Episodes: 1 to 6 (Complete Episodes)

Author: Penshalom

This is a pure work of fiction.

All names, characters, places, incidents, brands are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual person living or dead, business, incidents, locales is entirely coincidental.


We all want to be loved as no one would wish for one sided love. Someone in which we see a friend in, a lover and a companion, most especially that special someone you could talk and communicate with without getting bored, that special person that you can be yourself with.

We so much crave this, and I waited to experience such.

After so much waiting, I got that and I’m deliriously happy.

What could go wrong?

( Edited by Cynex)

Download Story Below in TXT

Download TXT: The Trouble With Kissing Him By Penshalom | Complete Episodes (84 downloads)

Note: You Can Read The Story Via WPS Office App or Any Note App.

Happy Reading

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Compulsory Marriage | Season 1 Episode 3 & 4




Episode 3
I couldn’t help but stare at Mary…her a-s is out of this world..Mary has a big curvy a-s that will make a guy go crazy ……her body structure is out of this world…all i was dreaming was how i will get to see the a-s without anytyn on her…i was lost in my though when her voice brought me back

Mary: uhmmmmm…i go love oooo

Me:lolzz… are not serious

Mary: Is she the one you have on the wall?

Me: Yes

Mary: she’s beautiful…..u have a eye for good things..

Me: thank you…like have been saying, you aren’t looking bad too and your guys should be lucky to have you

Mary: the same way you are lucky to have her too…..

Me: yes ooo…just like i said that life is all about competition and i guess am the winner in her game

Mary: definitely…for you to have her on ur wall and on ur dp

Me: don’t mind me jare…

Mary: Am done..where should i serve yours…

Me: Y serve it separately? You can put it together now..lets eat together

Mary: No ooo….oko oloko (Another man’s hubby)

Me: and u are also another man’s wife…put it together jhoor, at least it wont stick on us that we eat together

Mary: Ohk ooooo………

She dish the food and we went back to the sitting room together….We were eating together on the sofa and i couldn’t help but stare at the cleavage…all i was thinking was how to get in there…my mind was made up to chop and clean mouth as she already know am in a serious ..i was thinking of a way but none was forth coming..we finish eating and she took the plate to the kitchen while i excused myself to change to a short and round neck with CD in my back pocket in case something will come up.

I came back and sat beside her once again, checked time and it was around after 2. She concentrated on fashion tv while i was staring at her, we will talk about what they are showing on tv which am not interested in and gist about it a bit….i used my index finger to pick something on her face after a while and was trying to remove the dirt in there……..

Mary: thanks so much………..

Me: uwc

Mary: watz that sef….

Me: guess its a stain…am still trying to remove it…..

I moved my head a bit closer to her and after scrubbing the place for a while, i use my hand to shrug her hair and place my lips on her cheek. She looked at me and i stare back..i expected a word from her but she didn’t say anytyn………my hand was still on her hair when i moved forward again but this time around my lips going for her lips too…..she kissed me back and i found my way in front of her while resting her back on the two sitter…we continue kissing and she was responding to my move, my left hand was around her neck while my right hand was on her hair and cheek….i move my right hand downward a bit and within a twinkle of an eye have loosen two button from her TM shirt revealing her black bra…..i continue kissing while i push up the cup of the right bra revealing her fresh light skin bweast and her brown nip.ple………..i moved my mouth downward a bit to the nip.ple after playing with it for like 5mins….

I let my mouth continue with the work on her nip.ple and by this time, i have loosen all her shirt button…..i pushed up the second bra cup, i was sucking the right one while playing with the left nip.ple with my left hand….didnt take so much time before she started with a soft moan……uhmmmm…….i started doing the job religiously and was interchanging between the two bweast with my fingers and mouth…..i move my hand downward after a while to her trouser trying to unbutton her jean but she stopped me………i moved upward again and started all over again with a kiss…she responded, then on my mind i was like “why is she stopping me from going down if she can leave every other place for me”

I rounded my hand over her neck again moving my right hand behind her back, i lifted her hand up a bit and unbuckle her bra..i have all the b—-t to me alone now and i started sucking all over again but a bit harder this time around and with lot of commitment….i move downward again to her jean and she held my hand again the very moment i unbutton the jean, she didn’t even allow me pull down the zip…

Mary: uhmmmm….okunrin

Me: whats it baby

Mary: so, this is wat it was all about?

Me: watz that?

Mary: to s-x me of course and betray the trust of ur fiancée?

Me: sincerely its not like that baby….

Mary: then its like wat playboy

Me: I couldn’t take my mind off u the moment i set my eyes on u…u enchanted me baby

Mary: but do u think its ideal seeing me today and wanting to get in between my legs immediately…u are not even scared

Me: I no u are not a ghost baby and am sure you cant harm me…

Mary: well, am not a ghost and i can never harm u truly but u guys are the same thing like i said earlier but u denied it…am sure will never think u are with another lady and as for me, remove the thoughtof u having s-x with me from your mind……….

Me: “sad face” “ise ti ja”………do u want to hear the truth baby

Mary: watz it? The truth is that you want to do chop and clean mouth…u want to use me to mark register as am sure you are serious with ur fiancée and nothing can separate you guys

Me: i never thought about chop and clean mouth with u..the truth is that i tried to take my mind off this happening between us but i couldn’t help it..i believe its God that brought us together and its definitely for a purpose……because if not faith that brought us together, i couldn’t imagine coming all the way to Lasu to do wat i can easily do at the comfort of my house

Mary: uhmmmmmmm

Me: same goes to you as you can easily make this enquiry from your friends rather than coming to school. How do u even explain it that after leaving u at the corridor of the faculty office, i still meet u on my way coming home again…its all God and faith not about where we are right now or trying to do chop and clean mouth..

Mary: uhmmmmm…….

Me: sincerely, you are every guy heart desire and i cherish the day God created you baby…

I moved my mouth to her nip.ple again and started sucking it…this time real hard and fondling the second if she has been expecting me to make the move, she left a soft moan immediately…uhmmmmmm……….uhmmmmmmm…i was interchanging between the two bweast at the same time……i move my mouth a bit to her belly button and give it a kiss…..then she jerked..i did it again..she jerked with a loud moan….Ahhrrrrghhhh…..Uhmmmmmmm……Arhhhrrrghhhh…..i concentrated on the belly button with my left hand fondling her nip.ple while i use my right hand to to bring down her jean zip and pull it down a bit……..she removed her leg from the jean showing her white pant……i could feel traces of water all over her pant…she was totally wet, i moved my hand to shift her pant to a side but she drew me closer pulling down my short indicating she needed my d–k and not my finger……

I pull my short and boxer fully at the same time while removing her own pant too…by the time i removed my boxer, she was already totally unclad with nothing on again…..i quickly pull out my rubber but she was so eager to have me raw….but i restrained and put on my rain coat……her pussssy was so open and wet as i entered straight up..i started digging it hard and it was a feeling of excitement hearing her ringtone under me…”harder….harder baby….”..i knew i might not have another chance again so i was digging harder but the harder i think i was going the more she was shouting “yes…i can feel you baby….harder baby……yes……..oh my God……..God ooooo…yes….”she held me so tight to herself and we came after like 15mins………

I lifted her up straight to the bedroom and it was another round of s-x with different style starting from riding me and to doggy style…..Apparently, it has been a very long time i enjoy s-x like Mary gave it to me….i was surprise if she was not the same person that held me back when we started in the first place………..After almost an hour in the bedroom…..we both got tired and laid flat on the bed and didn’t remember when sleep came. I totally slept off and didn’t know what happened again but i was very sure i left her awake before i slept off.

Episode 4

The only thing i remembered was the ringtone of my phone waking me around 8pm and mary was right there on my chest…i excused myself and went straight to the sitting room,d line cut before i could get there and i saw like 15 mixed call…11 from her and four from other pple…..i was scrolling tru when my fone started ringing again….

Baby: Hello………..Where are u?………

Me: Yes baby…am home…have been sleeping since ni…i left my fone in the sitting room. Am very tired….you no i needed this rest so badly

Baby: Yes baby…i was just worried that u weren’t picking your calls

Me: Am fine dear…How was ur day? Hope not too stressful?

Baby: Not really dear……………….

I was still on the fone when Mary walked into the sitting room with one of my boxer and my singlet on……..waoh, i was turn on again with Dickson showing up big sign……but wat i needed was real food as i was feeling hungry……she went straight to the kitchen while i continue with my call..i was expecting her to come out and pick her cloth preparing to go home but she was still in the kitchen….i stepped out of my flat to continue with my call..i spent close to 45mins outside before walking back inside with the thought that Mary would have got angry that i kept her late but to mu surprise, she was still on what i left her with 45mins ago but the difference just that she clean up the sitting room picking all her things to only where God knows……another thing is that rice was waiting me on the table……………..

Mary: Na wah ooooo….so, na call u dey make since

Me: Am very sorry jare…we had a pending discussion ni

Mary: Ohk oooo…..have been waiting for you since…the food is almost cold sef

Me: Am very sorry…..

I felt so relaxed as we started eating with the thought of when Mary will be going home but with the look of things she didn’t look like someone that is ready to go home. I was not so worried as that means more pusssssy for me tonight as i will use my opportunity as long as i like…moreoever nothing to fear as my baby wont be coming around till weekend and i would have clean all my traces.

We finish eating, played a bit in the sitting room before going to the bedroom….it was series of s-x from the bathroom to anywhere i can think of in the sitting room…Mary never got tired and i never witness a lady that love s-x that much before…she knows how to do it very well..even the way she gives BJ will make any guy come within two was a thorough enjoyment. I woke up around 5am and she was still asleep…..i started preparing for work with the hope that i will take her along but with the time i was leaving i was so sure she wouldn’t be ready to leave yet so i had to drop 5k beside the bed for her transport..i woke her up to tell her that i will be on my way to office, showed her where the extra key was and asked her to drop it back whenever she was ready to go….off i went to the office.

Everything went well in the office even though i felt so tired at work…….i was expecting mary to call me but she didn’t likewise i too. I closed a bit late at work as i had work piled up for me..i got home around 9pm and by the time i got to the entrance of my flat, i realized my light was on with the sign that someone was at home…i opened the door with my key and all the sitting room was filled up with aroma…..the aroma coming out made me more hungry as i wanted to taste wat was smelling badly…i wouldn’t care even if it was my enemy that cook the food. I walked straight up to the kitchen and it was a big surprise that Mary was the one doing the cooking in the kitchen…..she turn to me and come around to hug me

Mary: Wecome back baby boy…how was work today

Me: I bless God…and hw are you too

Mary: Am fine dear

“kisses me and i responded”

Me: What happened? Thought you would have left?

Mary: Dont mind me jare…decided to stay with you till tomorrow morning or later in the evening cos i know ur wifey will be coming around on Friday for weekend

Me: uhmmmm…ohk oooo but where will u tell them at home that you went to?

Mary: At least am not a kid or am i?

Me: Am sorry……just curious ni….ma binu dear

Mary: Its ohk…moreover i already call them from home that i wont be coming back until weekend

For my mind “see free bleeping till Friday evening”…..

Me: so, watz cooking?

Mary: Prepared vegetable soup with wheat….

Me: no wonder you want to kill us with aroma..

Mary: At least not as much as your wifey?

Me: Until i eat before i pass my comment…but where did u c money to cook?

Mary: the money u dropped for me this morning now…i make use of it and added 2k that i have with me to it…

Me: that means am in debt of 7k already

Mary: 7k ko….ur money is more than that ooo…wont u pay for workmanship

Me: oh..oh..lets say like 10k then…

Mary: well, i will manage that from u……

Me: please write it in ur debtors book..i will pay

I went to the bathroom to take my bath..i was still in the bathroom when i heard the bathroom door open..i knew it was no one else than Mary even though i still av soap all over my face……..wat i felt was a hand on my Dickson with a massage, before i knew what was happening, mary mouth was already on my d–k giving me serious mouth action…..we bleeped in the bathroom and from there to the bedroom….what a serious enjoyment.

]It was a bright Friday morning, i dressed up for work as early as possible and as a means of appreciation, i dropped 10k for mary and asked when next we will see..she said we will talk about that on phone when she’s up..i instructed her to drop the extra key for me at the entrance whenever she’s going….
I got to work and everytyn went on normal, i called Biola and she told me she was wont be coming over the weekend as she had something to do for her parent. It was a bit stressful day and i closed late as usual…instead of hanging out, i went home straight..I got to the entrance of my room and i realized someone was inside my flat……”so, this babe is still around”.
I knocked at the door and it was opened for me, what a big surprise as it was Biola my fiancée that opened the door for me, standing in the sitting room was Mary staring at us.

Biola: Welcome baby……how was work today

Me: Welcome darling…work was fine, a bit stressful today….we talked today and you sad you aint showing up this weekend

Biola: I wanted to do a surprise for you ni….moreover u didn’t tell me your cousin was around

Mary: (cousin ke? I hope dis geh neva cause wahala) Am very sorry for that, it escaped my mind and i didn’t she will still be around up till now

Biola: She said same too………

Me: am surprise…….

Biola: she said they have not answered her concerning her certificate she came to process, they asked her to come back on Monday….but have asked her to stay behind till that Monday instead of going to Ibadan and coming back on Monday

Me: Nooooooo baby…..her dad called me today to confirm if i saw her and i told them she will be home today…but as its late already, i guess she should be going home first thing tomorrow morning as they said she has something to do for them at home

Mary: don’t mind daddy jare uncle snakie, he’s just missing me but i already called him that i wont be coming till on Monday evening…..Atleast lemme use the opportunity to play with u guys a little before going cos only God knows when next we will see again…most especially i will get to know our wife very well……

Me: (mo daran…iru wahala wo leleyi)……..but i still maintain that you go home tomorrow den u can come back properly for a visit as we will be well prepared by then

Biola:what kind of preparedness is that, it will be too stressful for her to go to Ibadan and come back on Monday now, i believe popsy too will reason along that line……..abeg aunty Mary, lets go to the kitchen and continue with our cooking jare……..Food will soon be ready baby boy

Me: Ohk…no p, you have the final say baby

I went inside the room soliloquising about what just happened…”am i dreaming? How will i cope with two girls in d same room? Is Mary crazy? Whats she up to? What kind of game is she trying to play with me? I hope have not used my Dickson to cause trouble for mysef? What am i going to do? I had to see to the fact the she leave my house first thing on Monday morning….what a devil.

To be continued

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ROMANTIC STORY! Compulsory Marriage: Seaason 1, Episode 1 & 2




Me: Please am very sorry, its not what you think baby

Biola: What do u mean its not what i think? U think am a fool

Me:Am very sorry baby

Biola: Keep your sorry to yourself, Its all over

Me: ‘’’’crying’’’’’’Ahhh…..please don’t do like that baby, don’t let it be over..i never meant to hurt u baby..remember we have come a long way to let it be over right now

Biola:u never meant to hurt me? Did i just hear u say that after you take me for a fool? U didn’t think about all the sacrifices we have made, u never thought of our plans….u never thought of what we have built together……Never thought you will do this again but i think its better it happened this way and i can easily say good bye right now before things get out of hand

Me: I understand how u feel baby

Biola: u don’t understand anytyn dear…u don’t..if u did, u wouldn’t have tried it in the first place……My dear, u can never be sorry for what you did intentionally……….

Me: believe me it wasn’t intentional baby…am very sorry, without you my life is nothing baby

Biola: Did u just say that? Please you need to take your leave right now or else i will embarrass you here now

Me: Please don’t do that baby..we can talk this over dear…please don’t throw all we built away

Biola: Whats it we built? The one u already threw away ursef….mr man, please leave my house right now or i embarrass you which i know you wont like……’’shouting’’….snakie leave, i said you should leave right now….

Me: its okay… very sorry baby, please find a place in ur heart to forgive me baby

“Pushed me out and door slammed” ………………………Waoh, is this the end after 3years? I cant believe am losing everything within a month.


It was a bright Wednesday morning when i decided to make a trip down to Lasu to process my transcript for onward forwarding to my employer. i left home as early as 7am and i got to Lasu around 7:45am, straight i went to Faculty of Management Sciences(FMS) which was my faculty where i graduated from. The faculty premises has changed a bit as there was new structure behind FMS which i learnt is being use for lectures and also a new structure directly opposite FMS which they said is social science faculty.

School was scanty as there was no much activities, the campus marshal were in front of the faculty entrance, i greeted them and made my way to the first floor which was the faculty office but to my dismay, the offices were still locked. The first thing that came to my mind was “this civil servant sha, they are not in the office by this time, when will they come now”…….

I met a tall fair lady around the corridor and greeted her…..

Me: Good Morning….

Lady: Good Morning……

Me: Please when do u think this people will be around

Lady: Sincerely, i don’t know… also waiting for them

Me: datz serious………civil servant are always enjoying…coming late to office most times

Lady: Abi…..

Me: Thanks….

Lady: You welcome…………………

]I went downstairs to look around and do some sightseeing as the school premises has really changed from the way it was when i graduated from the school..Apparently the state government and the school management have been pumping lots of money to the school in terms of infrastructural development.

I walked to the canteen to put something in my stomach and relax a bit till around 8:30 before i decided to check back at the faculty office. Luckily for me, the office was opened and i met a man and a lady there…..

Me: Good morning Sir….

Man: Morning……

Me: please i want to find out about the process of obtaining my transcript……

Man: Ohk…did you finish from this faculty?

Me: Yes Sir…..

Man: Transcript is not process from the faculty office…you will need to go to the ICT centre (Exam and Records Department for the processing)

Me: Ohk…..please where is that sir?

Man: The building is directly opposite MBA hall…do u know MBA?

Me: I guess i know Sir

Man: Just directly opposite MBA building, you will see their building with a mast.

Me: Ohk Sir…thank you so much Sir

Man: You welcome…..

]I dashed out immediately and started thinking that i would have even be through with the processing if i had the right information before coming to the schooling instead of wasting time waiting for the faculty officer……..

I drove down to MBA and the building was so easy to identify…i walked in and made enquiry, which i was told i don’t even need to come to the school for processing my transcript as everything is now online and they don’t request manually again…..the lady that attended to me asked me to visit the school website to request for my transcript……………………….”waoh…..that means my journey to Lasu is a waste as i would have done this at the comfort of my room”.

I walked out and started driving towards the second gate which i came in through….i burst out at iba road and turn back going to Igando….turning back to directly opposite the school gate, standing there was the lady i met at the corridor of the faculty office earlier….waoh, i never got the opportunity to see her physique when we had the conversation then as she rested her a-s somewhere and her hand over her chest with her bag then…..i parked and horn for her

Me: hello……

Lady: Hi

Me: where are you heading to?

Lady: Iyana Ipaja side……

Me: Ohhhh…am going towards egbeda…maybe i can help u a little

Lady: thank so much Sir……..

She hopped in and we started going…………….After a while

Me: Please whats the name if i may ask

Lady: Am mary….

Me: Am snakie……Its nice meeting you mary

Mary: the pleasure is mine

Me: Is today lecture free or you don’t have class today?

Mary: Dunno..guess they said, students are not in school as non academic staff are on strike

Me: strike ke? What happened?

Mary: i don’t know oooooo………

Me: Are you not a student of the school

Mary: I graduated 2012………….

Me: Ohh… very sorry……

Mary: I only came to make enquiry about my certificate……

Me: hope you got the right response

Mary: yes..they said i will need to provide some documents in order to collect my certificate

Me: that should be your clearance and some documents

Mary: yes….

Me: that means they have not change the process then……i graduated in 2008

Mary: Ohk……….

]Me: so, what are you into now?

Mary: nothing really..i just finished my service 4 months ago, so am still an applicant

Me: hey yah…..God will definitely do it for you dear..its not so easy getting a job in this country..hope you have been applying for jobs sha.

Mary: Yeah…have been giving my CV out to people but its been promise and promise but am hopeful sha

Me: its not so easy like that, you know the people you give your cv to also have other people that are hanging on their neck…dont be discourage dear…..when its your time, your helper will surely locate you by his grace.

Mary: amen oooo…thanks so much…..what do u do

Me: I work with a consulting firm……..

Mary: Ohk……maybe i will also give you my CV

Me: No problem…..but do u have a copy here?

Mary: I don’t but i wouldn’t mind getting your details so that i can forward it to you.

Me: No problem, thats my email and phone number is there, you can forward it to my mail

Mary: Ohk sir…am doing that right away………

Me: Oh….you even have it handy…..

Mary: Yes now……..

Me: U no dey even joke at all….flash me with your number so i can also save it on my fone

Mary: ohk…joke ke? Am seriously searching for work oo…am tired of staying at home

Me: On a more serious note..a beautiful lady like you shouldn’t search for work so long like this now cos no interviewer will see you and wouldn’t want to give you a job straight away

Mary: I pray its by that ooo…………….

Me: Yes now…….if i ever interview someone like you, believe me you av gotten the job already cos this your beauty is enchanting

Mary: I hear u….no be by beauty jare..rather wat u have upstairs…..moreover, thanks for flattering me

Me: what do u mean now….how will i be flattering you..sincerely, its been a while i set my eyes on a beauty like you……….God completed everything in you.

Mary: Lolzzzz…….Okunrin sha…all of you are the same thing

Me: same thing as how?

Mary: what do u mean by God completed everything in me………

Me: Yes now…..You aint too tall or short…….every part of ur body is perfect…including ********sorry am not suppose to mention that

Mary: Including what? You are free now…anything you say, it wont be the first time i will be hearing it and it wont be the last time……so u better pour out all you have on ur mind before it started causing headache for you.

Me: lolzzz……..that kind one dey cause headache…

Mary: Yes of course

Me: well some things are better left unsaid sha cos u don’t know what you will say that you wont be able to say another one again

Mary: lolzzz……datz very funny…have u ever said one before that landed you in trouble

Me: yes now but it was my friend

Mary: ehn ehn…..what happened to him

Me: He saw a lady at a party we went to last week and was complementing her without knowing that the lady was a fiancée of a Colonel…the lady was enjoying my guy too and dey were rocking each other before the young colonel came and my guy thought it was just ordinary took maturity before we were able to settle it….

Mary: Lolzz….hope it didn’t lead to trouble sha

Me:, i don’t want to be in that same mess today as i don’t know uhmmm…uhmmmm….before someone will park me now and nobody to rescue me

Mary: lolzzz….you are not serious…thank God we are just the only one in the car and u know where u met me from

Me: that swat has been keeping me going to continue this conversation or else, i wouldn’t even say anything till we depart

Mary: but truth is, you men are the same thing once you see something in skirt or trouser, u wont even bother to ask for the owner before taking it……..

Me: thank God u said Men….well am not a men sha

Mary: Then wat are you

Me: Am snakie…………………….

Mary: Are you not a man……?

Me: Not yet…am a guy (snakie) and not Man…datz why am different from every other person…..

Mary: datz a lie jhoor………

Me: but sincerely..all of us are thieves but its only who is caught that is the real thief

Mary: thank God u admit that…….that is wat some guys will never admit to

Me: datz why i said am different from other guys….i will never lie to any lady because i want to get in between her legs……like if as am meeting u for the first time now, if am asking u out, its probably impossible for me not to have who am dating….so, why should i lie? But some ladies are idiot..a guy will approach you and tell you he doesn’t have a and you will just admit

Mary: not all girls though….

Me: so, you are claiming you are also different

Mary: yes now…..

Me: ohk ooo….My philosophy is that, if am meeting a lady like you for the first time, i don’t expect u to tell me you don’t have who u are dating……….it may either be you are not serious wit the guy or u just broke up but to tell me u don’t have anyone is a no no for me at all

Mary: why will a grown up lady like me wont have who am dating…..

Me: yes now….its some ladies but do u know life is like a competition

Mary: How?

Me: the same way you are competing with thousands of people to get a job u av been applying for is the same way i will be competing with which ever guy you have that you are dating…its the person that you ended up with that is the winner…just like the person that finally got the job will be the winner in the job recruitment process…..

Mary: thats true sha…….

Me: more reason why i wouldn’t mind competing with the guy in your life

Mary: what do u mean?

Me: what i mean is that a beauty like u its worth fighting for…you are wat every guy should be competing for…….

Mary: abeg, don’t compete for me oooooo…….Go and compete for your wife abeg

Me: wife ke? I don’t think i ever mention it that am married but i wont deny the fact that i have a fiancée

Mary: then you are ready to loose the trust your fiancée have i you?

Me: I don’t think am losing any trust as we never know what might happen in life

Mary: uhmmmmm…..

Me: thats the truth…we are all just trying, like i said, life its all about competition.

Mary: abeg, lets talk about another thing jare…..this traffic is killing wallahi

Me: Am even tired…we have spent close to 45mins on the same spot and we are not sure yet when we will be out….

Mary: I guess the traffic is from Egbeda…

Me: It dare not be from Egbeda……we are just at Isheri now…..

Mary: yes…….

]Me: Thats serious…well i don’t really know, its been a while i pass through this route.i hope u don’t have anywhere urgent you are going to

Mary: where does a jobless lady like me have to go….am only going home ooo….i should even be asking u sef, aint you going to work today?

Me: am not going..i took a day off..i thought processing of my transcript will take whole of the day not knowing that it wont even take up to an hour.

Mary: ohk…that means u came for your transcript

Me: Yes……..have u collected urs?

Mary: No..i don’t think i need it now since i know u only need it for your masters or if your employers in some cases requested for it.

Me: that’s true sha………maybe i can divert a bit when we get to car wash to while away time pending when the road will be free then i can later drop you where it will be convenient for you or even at home……

Mary: no oooo…dont let me bother you jare

Me: Its my call dear…dont worry…please………

Mary: Ohk…No P

]I entered through Taiwo Yemi street, found my way to Orelope before getting to my destination at Prince Abiodun Adebambo. Parked in front of a storey building, opened the door of the car for her and made my way through the entrance gate.

My house is a two bedroom flat downstairs at the back…she followed me from behind as i opened the door to my flat…….

Me: Welcome to my little bunk………….

Mary: Thank You but this is more than a bunk

Me: It is a bunk based on my own aspiration in life…

Mary: uhmmmmm…..i love that statement

Me: what can i offer you……………

Mary: Anything will do Sir…………….

Me: anytyn means notyn cos am sure both of us have not taken anytyn since morning…so the best thing will be a tangible food

Mary: Ahhh…i don’t eat much like that ooo

Me: uhmmm…no wonder

Mary: No wonder what?

Me: No wonder you have this very beautiful physique..everything so perfect

Mary: have heard you…ur mouth is too sweet jhoor

Me:Not really jhoor…hope u wont mind chips, atleast that wouldn’t be too heavy for you

Mary: No P…

Me: but you can still manage this drink (malt) while i prepare the chips

Mary: Ohk…

I dashed down to the kitchen with the raw chips from the fridge..set the frying pan and started work immediately…barely 10mins in the kitchen i heard a voice

Mary: your phone has been ringing since…….

Me: ohhh…thank you

“Me on Phone while using the other hand to continue frying the chips”

Me: hello baby….hw are you

Baby: am good dear….hw has your day been? How far with where you went to?

]“Mary collected spoon from me with the manner that i should concentrate on my call while she help me with the cooking pending when am through with the call”

I stepped back a bit, stood at the entrance of the kitchen while i continue with my call.

Me: fine wasn’t even that stressful at all…(explained my movement) at home now sha..preparing what to eat and relaxing…how about you? How is work going?

Baby: fine dear….i just say i should check on u..we will talk later baby

Me: Ohk dear…i love you so much baby

Baby: i love you too dear……..

To be continued

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