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LETTER TO MY EX By Demi Bamidele #DahTypaGirl



LETTER TO MY EX By Demi Bamidele #DahTypaGirl

Dear GG,

I have, long before now, brought myself to terms with the fact that you broke up with me at exact one week after you had just reassured me that I’ll never have cause to regret ever meeting you. That you were always going to be here….

I still remember vividly, you had sent me a gift of my favorite biscuit and chocolate through a friend that you saw the previous day. I was at yours the next day and had a great time together, I mean, we always did. It was an adventure… We had gist about all the stuff that happened while we didn’t see, bant your friends with mine, made me your “chef GG Noddles”, did our (stupid) you being the director and me being the drama that we always did. Took walk while we talked about the next thing I was going to do (since I had f*cked up just months back) and we had a lengthy discussion getting back at yours… It was that, until we realized it was the ninth hour since I’ve been away from home and, immediately! “You should be home now, RIRE. Miss Bamidele Should not be keeping mummy waiting and worried”, you told me. I pulled your shirt and wore my clothes while I was laughing at one of your jokes. You had promised me “NP” and there was indeed “NP”, so I was ready for my departure and we did our “lean on me” outside to meet your friends with their usual “Olori Sure Boy” thang while I laughed my yeye laugh. Why Kay came with, to bring me home and he teased us while you pecked me and told me “Sleep well princess, daddy loves you load”. I went home that night and everything went on as it always did until it was the next Tuesday that makes it an exact week that we saw and you texted “please forgive me if I’m going to hurt you, but IREOLUWA I need to be alone for sometime. I really want to let go now. It’s not like I’m breaking up with you, it’s just time that I need”… I told you I knew something was wrong that you weren’t telling but you disputed and I asked how much time you needed, which you replied, “It’s INDEFINITE, babe. But I really want you to be happy as you deserve it so I advice you just forget about me and move on with your own life”. I could feel my soul wanting to leave my body that second but somehow it didn’t. I with my fingers shaking and my heart beating thrice the normal way dialed your number, placed a call through that you didn’t pick cos you said you couldn’t stand to hear my voice and tell me in my own ears (you had feared me breaking down I suppose). I cried like a child that didn’t get Christmas cloth, hitting myself on the ground like it was the end of the world o!


“What could I have done that you could not tell me and have me plead for forgiveness on my knees”? My head was full of questions which I got no answers to. At least at that time. After the whole dragging, I agreed to what you wanted cos I knew you REALLY did, and I left you be for 2 months before we officially broke up on that  Monday morning that was our whatever.

It’s been 2 years now and I have let it all be in the past now. I “finally” like someone that I could even tell you about not caring how you’d feel. I’m happy for the times we were together, the memories we shared, and grateful for the positive drive that you gave me through it all, but I’m very much happier than sad that I wasn’t stuck with a MAN who could break up with me a week after the “so-called reassurance” because he was “mentally unstable” like he claimed.

I want you to always be happy as you deserve it too. Our differences aside, you were really a great guy! More of a companion, a brother and a father than just a partner. And I’ll never regret that our path crossed too.

More than I have ever been, now, I AM VERY HAPPY! Thank you for the respect I got from you even though I was a lot younger.
Stay fly!

Trouble maker,
Morireoluwa ?


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