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Here are the amazing features we want to see in the next set of Infinix phones



Have we really got it all from Infinix Mobile? I think the answer is NO because you’ll agree with me that recently, Infinix has been dominating the market more than all its competitors which is quite amazing.

After the release of the Infinix Note 3 which seems to be the best, followed by the Infinix Hot S3 which came with a powerful processor at a very cheaper price despite its amazing features.

Honestly, we want Infinix Mobile to compete globally with the likes of Samsung, Xiaomi, LG e.t.c because we need more than just cheap priced regular phones.


So, these are the features we want to see in the next set of Infinix smartphones:
1. Face Recognition: We already know the Infinix Hot S3 smartphone has Face Unlock feature but one isn’t enough. Smartphone companies now including the face recognition software feature and we feel Infinix should walk in the step of Samsung, Apple and other companies which device already have a facial recognition feature. We want more from Infinix!

2. Water Proof: Many smartphones does not have this feature because is scarce and only Samsung and Apple seems to have this amazing feature. Won’t you love to swim with your Infinix smartphone, just like those using Samsung and Apple? Yes, of course!

3. A Bezeless Display: A bezel is the plastic or metal that covers the phone’s screen but isn’t screen space actually. Moreover, Infinix recently released a nearly bezel-less device but who will want to go for a nearly bezel-less device when you can actually get a complete bezel-less in other smartphones.

4. Wireless Charging: It’s actually a normal thing for a smartphone to come with wireless charging capabilities that comes with QI Charging pad but Infinix is really not close to the wireless charging feature at all.

5. AMOLED Screen: Honestly, AMOLED (Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) Screen provides an exceptional viewing experience for you. It offers a wide range of colours with an incredible degree of colour clarity which translates into far greater resolution. It’s ridiculous that our Infinix doesn’t have AMO display not to talk of AMOLED.

6. More Camera: Seriously, we need more camera from Infinix, especially an improvement in the 12MP frontal selfie camera. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is currently rated as one of the best camera mobile phones because of its cheap and clean cameras.

7. We need more Pen: We know that the Infinix Note 4 Pro came with a pen but we still need more pen on the next set of coming Infinix devices.

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